Top 10 Most Anticipated New Summer Anime of 2022

Top 10 Most Anticipated New Summer Anime of 2022

If you are looking for complete new anime series for the 2022 summer then you are in the right place. We have gathered the list of the most anticipated new summer anime of 2022. This list contains the information on these new summer anime series you can have a look at to get a quick idea about anime.

Fuuto PI

Top 10 Most Anticipated New Summer Anime of 2022 fuuto pi
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Most Anticipated New Summer 2022 Anime Fuuto PI is a show that somewhat gives me an old-school feel set in the city of Fuuto PI. The show starts with the two heroes from the Narumi detective agency Shotaro Hidari and his partner Philip. The two have once defeated the evil organization museum before. However, there's no rest for the weary as remnants of the Gaia memories devices that allow people to transform into super-powered monsters remain in the black market with monster sightings continuing the two resolve to get to the bottom of the subsequent supernatural phenomena. It's the whole mystery slash urban action feel with the superheroes, the criminal syndicates, and partners in crime. With this being a sequel to the hit live-action series Kamen Rider W perhaps that much is to be expected. From what I can see so far if you're a fan of mysteries with a few callbacks to modern heroes. I think something like tiger and bunny or samurai flamenco and you'll be in for a ride.

The Yakuza’s Guide to Babysitting 

Top 10 Most Anticipated New Summer Anime of 2022 The Yakuza’s Guide to Babysitting
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Yakuza's guide to babysitting is quite self-explanatory in terms of the title New Summer Anime of 2022. It tells of Tooru Kirishima who conveniently uses the job of being the crime family's right-hand man as an excuse to let his inner demons out nigh unstoppable. Thanks to his violent nature he's earned the intimidating nickname demon of Sakuragi. Except maybe for one thing you see there are quite a several things that violent gangsters may find themselves in trouble with. One such thing is the guy's sudden assignment to take on one of the toughest challenges known to man babysitting is this the start of a heartwarming story or a disaster waiting to happen. I can't help but compare this to a way of the house husband that show may not have had the best reception in terms of adaptation but it did show us the often hilarious scenario of a crime boss being pulled from his life of crime and violence into well more mundane things. I guess well if you found the former quite lacking as an adaptation and trust me many did perhaps yakuza's guide to babysitting may be the redemptive work that you're looking for.

My Stepmom’s Daughter is my Ex

Top 10 Most Anticipated New Summer Anime of 2022 My Stepmom’s Daughter is my Ex
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My stepmom's daughter is my ex shows off the best of the modern light novel title memes, clickbaity, spells out the premise immediately, and piques people's interests. Rom-coms can be a mixed bag overall, but I'm looking forward to this for the mere fact that I'm pretty sure people will be watching this and it will probably be one of the most polarizing shows of the season. The premise is what it says in the title two lovers break up. Their parents remarry and voila they're kind of siblings now thus begin a hilarious ride of mind games, awkwardness, misunderstandings, and lots of craziness. It's certainly a rom-com with a rare premise and I'm sure it will be loads of fun with our two main leads it's got the premise that's a bit of a snark bait. Can't wait for this New Summer Anime of 2022.

Uncle from Another World 

Top 10 Most Anticipated New Summer Anime of 2022 Uncle from Another World
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Don't you love it when it seems that some anime opens the front gate to stuff with a similar premise being adapted? I know there's no direct correlation that can be proven and I'm positive that the success of sword art online and attack on titan opened the gates to a lot more trapped in a video game and humanity fighting a desperate war against monster invaders. Anime being greenlit respectively why did I suddenly go on this tangent I'll get onto that in just a while. But basically, uncle from another world is about Dakar for me and his uncle who fell into a coma 17 years ago suddenly uncle returns now a fan of video games. Uncle turns out to have been Isekied into another world and had his own adventures as a hero. It's up to Takafumi to catch his uncle up with a lot of the modern geek stuff like anime, tropes, the internet, and the ill-fated console wars. I saw my tangent a while ago now doesn't this kind of remind you of your boy kong ming I know I'm clutching us draws it but I think it would be good to help set expectations and what we could see I think the premise is very interesting and while I don't see this becoming the mainstream hit of the season it could be a fun watch with a cult fan base.

When will Ayumu make his move?

Top 10 Most Anticipated New Summer Anime of 2022 When will Ayumu make his move
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When will Ayumu make his move enters to continue the legacy of a suspiciously similar pair of characters? If the art has included you in this is the next work of the guy responsible for bringing us Takagi sun and the currently airing inside Tsubaki kunoichi's heart and if you know anything about these two you know what you're in for with Ayumu diabetes. But in different levels, the author just has a knack for these sweet and awkward romances, and will Ayumu make his move is no different this time. The story centers around Ayumu the shogi club's newest recruit and the club president Urushi excited to finally have someone to play with. Urushi aims to be this guy's best mentor but she can't help but stumble on her embarrassment not helping matters is the stone-faced Ayumu who dares make the boldest compliment while promising to confess his love. Only after he's beaten her in shogi. Will this ever happen though that's the question through school and shogi the two have some of the most heartwarming and cute misadventures? It's not quite Takagi-san but it sure seems like a spiritual successor so if you're up for a heap of sweet cute romance then you know what to watch.

Engage Kiss

Top 10 Most Anticipated New Summer Anime of 2022 Engage Kiss
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This is the original anime from a1 pictures. I don't engage kiss has been built as a rom-com based on the tags we know but with the people involved, I can't help but feel we'll be getting a dash of sci-fi action in there somewhere maybe so what's engaged kiss all about. Well, it takes place in the modern floating metropolis of Veyron city where Shuu leads his mega life thankfully he's got these two girls to keep things lively. First up is the doting Kisara and the other is Ayano his former colleague who seems quite rough around the edges when it comes to dealing with him. Together these three forms a dynamic that ensures a lot of slapstick comedy that's bound to entertain us for weeks to come.

My Isekai Life

Most Anticipated New Summer 2022 Anime my isekai life
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My Isakai life is in fourth place as the new summer anime series of 2022. When one gets transported to another world one rolls in the roulette of luck you can either get the best powers that will make you an overpowered god or you can get saddled with an unorthodox set of powers in the end it's really how you make the most out of said powers right we've seen the rise of heroes like na fumi and hajime precisely because they rose up above their handicaps in the quest to become the world's strongest that's similar to what yuji sano has to go through saddled with the unfortunate profession of a mere monster tamer he finds himself behind in the race to become the world's greatest adventurer it would be a cruel joke if he was just deterred by that and thanks to his nifty powers he manages to get the hell for some slimes and acquire a second class sage armed with two sets of skills that could prove to be a winning combination it's sano's turn to take over the world power fantasy of the season here we go it has a clear niche and with how popular isakai still is these days it will surely get an audience which is why i placed it high on this list somehow though the plot reminds me a bit of by the grace of the gods and if you're a sucker for these kinds of overcoming the odds isaikai then you're gonna be in for a treat.

Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

Most Anticipated New Summer 2022 Anime Cyberpunk:Edgerunners
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Here is the Most anticipated summer anime series of 2022 for gamers here's a treat for you cyberpunk's coming in anime form with cyberpunk edgerunners. Netflix is at it again with their contribution to the popular cyberpunk universe we knew it was only a matter of time before the hit video game cyberpunk 2077 would get some sort of anime representation. And that time is now. Instead of adapting the game into anime format, however, cyberpunk edge runners instead tell us of a standalone story set in the game's universe. We don't know much about it yet but from the trailer, it seems to be a story of grit and guts survival featuring our protagonist who takes us on an adventure from the city of the future all the way to outer space. We don't know much besides what the trailers show but it's already looking visually stunning as expected from a trigger. Let's see what other surprises the guys have up their sleeves in their own element of sci-fi backdrop. A plot that can go absolutely off the rails in a good way and a space setting looks like a trigger found the perfect IP for the team if you've played cyberpunk 2077 or are one of the people who are really into this kind of sci-fi aesthetic then you might want to give this a shot.

Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer

Most Anticipated New Summer 2022 Anime Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer
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Lucifer the biscuit hammer comes in second place as the most anticipating summer anime series of 2022. The world is threatened and is nearing destruction at the hands of a giant mallet. That can't be right, can it? But that's just the world Yuuhi Amamiya finds himself in. Thankfully he's been granted the powers to change the fate of earth by harnessing the power of the beast knight. He must come together with the other beast knights and the princess to defeat the mage responsible for the giant mallet. However, there's more to the princess than meets the eye after all she has some devious intentions of her own. She wants to save the world so that she can destroy it herself lucifer and the biscuit hammer was quite the hit back in the 2000s and it's surprising it took this long to get an adaptation. Better late than never though they say and I'm happy that you'll be getting a chance to see this fun battle manga in anime form it starts off quirky before coming into its own eventually showing you that you shouldn't judge a story by its cover.

Call of the Night

Most Anticipated New Summer 2022 Anime Call of the Night
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The final anticipating summer anime of 2022, we have the call of the night. In a lot of ways, Yamori is just like us. He strives hard to maintain a cool facade being good at studies and being friends with a lot of people. But doesn't that kind of living get tiring after a while? well, he certainly thinks so and he just says screw it. One day let go of everything and developed insomnia as a result. However, he never found true freedom that much can be said. According to the mysterious Nazuna who invites him into her apartment it's then that she reveals her true identity as the vampire guild takes a big bite on his neck. Despite the premise giving some Monogatari vibes call of the night is mostly a surprisingly wholesome slice of life in that regard. It's more bunny girl senpai. If I were to give a quick comparison it's much more of a feel-good story of the two and their growing bond helped largely by their shared interest in exploring the night being a comfy series with a dash of mystery and action here and there makes me see a lot of potential in this anime to become a seasonal blockbuster.