Top 10 Most Anticipated New Anime Series of 2022

Top 10 Most Anticipated New Anime Series of 2022

2021 has almost come to an end. In 2022 we will see a bunch of complete new anime series. Today we will see the top ten new anticipated anime series of 2022. This list contains pretty much all genres of anime series.

10. The Eminence in shadow

The Eminence in shadow
source: Myanimelist

Most Anticipated New Anime Series of 2022 The past and the future 8th grader syndrome those words quickly conjure up images in your mind perhaps of a time past that you feel shame looking back at perhaps of that one classmate of yours that you just don't get perhaps you're all just like Cid Kagenou once drowning in imaginations and dreaming of being the mastermind behind heroes and villains reborn as a noble in a world of magic after a mandatory visit from Trotcon. Cid seeks to put his dreams to the test by having dames and recruiting members to his organization Shadow Garden he looks to take down his imagined cult of Diabolos and their goal of resurrecting an ancient evil, unfortunately, the cult of Diabolos is more real than Cid would have ever thought now here's it's a guy that I didn't feature before the eminence in shadow looks to be an interesting town that looks to combine some elements of the faction building formula and good old over-the-top. It may seem a little bit whack at first but I think that it could end up being a sleeper hit of the season thanks to its very charismatic lead.

The Eminence in shadow Official Trailer

09. Summertime Render

Summertime render
source: Myanimelist

Don't let the cover art fool you on this one I myself got tricked into thinking this is one of those coming-of-age dramas and I couldn't be more wrong so what is summertime render them what if I told you it's a shonen jump series that's quite darker than the usual shonen fair and plays around with the idea of time loops are you surprised I mean I sure was. Shinpei Ajiro doesn't have what I call extraordinary life things changed when one of the Kofune sisters he used to live with. Ushio dies in a supposed drowning however upon seeing the bruises on the body of the sister as well as getting a vision from Ushio herself he knows that something was amiss shifting shadows creep along the island and it would take a monumental strength to save everyone with Mio and others. Shinpei looks to find a future where his friends and family survive a tour task I'd say with a happy ending seemingly slipping further and further away against an enemy smarter than it seems if you're into mystery thrillers that soon end up giving you a lot of fighting and action you should add this to your plan to watch list with its emphasis on time loops and such I'm sure that fans of Re-zero and edge of tomorrow will have something to enjoy here. New Anime Series of 2022.

Summertime Render Official Trailer

08. Tokyo Twenty Fourth Ward

Tokyo Twenty Fourth Ward
source: Myanimelist

Past Tokyo bay stands a special sector far east special district more commonly known as 24th ward their three childhood friends grew up together in spite of their differences but their relationship changes in the wake of an incident a year later their phones all ring simultaneously it's a call from a longtime friend who supposedly died and the phone call leaves them with one instruction choose the future reunited under a new mission the three seek to protect the 24th ward and all they hold dear but will they be able to overcome their differences and save everyone original anime from clover works here we go is it just me or does Tokyo 24th ward somehow give off our ohana vibes that or one direct priority however this time I can see this turning into more of an action thriller that could be a sleeper hit of the season January just can't. Anticipated New Anime Series of 2022.

Tokyo Twenty Fourth Ward Official Trailer

07. Requiem of the Rose king

Requiem of the Rose king
source: Myanimelist

New Anime Series of 2022. The historical drama never goes out of flavor especially something with such a dark and noir atmosphere like this Requiem of the Rose King is a series loosely based on Shakespearean works. Henry VI and Richard III were born cursed nobles. Richard grapples against self-identity possessing both male and female characteristics he immediately finds himself the object of scorn despite being loved by his father the complete opposite can be said of his mother leading him to a childhood of hatred as he grows up. Richard starts to believe that he can find salvation by leading his father to the throne however, enemies lie in weight featuring no less than jean-dark herself with the war of roses in full swing will Richard bring his family to glory or will he drag it down the depths of the abyss. As vanitas has shown us so far dark fantasy will always have its fair share of fans for those who are into classic literature or just enjoy dramatic shows with some supernatural drama written all over it then this is something worth looking out for.

Requiem of the Rose King Official Trailer

06. Uzumaki: Spiral into Horror

Uzumaki: Spiral into Horror
source: Myanimelist

I clearly remember back then people were saying things like if you haven't read Uzumaki you haven't experienced Japanese horror yet now what I wonder if such claims could still be justified now almost a decade after that hype one thing is for sure Uzumaki is one of the most notable horror manga I've ever read and it's very due for an anime adaptation one that we'll be getting in the fall of 2022. The premise is simple actually it's a story about bizarre events involving spirals and one that as expected slowly escalates an obsession with the shape is but the prelude to an entire town spiral into madness having experienced the story in manga form I think that one of the biggest selling points for Uzumaki is the art Junji Ito is a master of horror and it clearly shows with how disturbing and spine chilling the illustrations are with a relatively short story compared to the typical manga series and a confirmed episode count of just four Uzumaki looks to be one of those short but powerful types of anime I'm expecting the theatrical quality that more than amplifies the horrors that Junji Ito's mind is capable of creating. Most Anticipated New Anime Series of 2022.

Uzumaki: Spiral into Horror Official Trailer

05. Bubble

source: Myanimelist

New Anime Series of 2022 Bubble is an original anime project that's set to premiere on Netflix but first things first when was the last time you saw an anime project generate so much hype doing so little well it's not blowing up the internet viral but the moment the trailer hit I've seen some exciting chattering related to bubble then again who can blame them. Urobuchi, Sawano, and Araki are all involved that's quite the all-star lineup you've got there bringing together some of the people involved in beloved anime masterpieces like the attack on titan, psycho pass, fate zero, and more and it's my wit to boot there is a lot to be excited about the parkour scene looks nothing short of awesome and it seems that this is a movie that will bring the feels certainly a welcome addition to 2022's anime lineup.

Bubble Official Trailer

04. Hell's Paradise: Jigokuraku

Hell's Paradise: Jigokuraku
source: Myanimelist

For someone who's tired of this world all of the killing and betrayal what greater curse could there be than immortality betrayed ninja Gabimaru the hollow thought he'd accepted his fate yet death refuses to take a hold of him owning to his subconscious desire to live and return to his wife in exchange executioner Asaemon the Decapitator comes to the ninja with a proposal to gain pardon he's to join an expedition to an island south of japan the mythical elixir of life. It is said to be on the island and it's the key to the ninja's freedom however, dangers far greater than any man has seen lurk on that island will Gabimaru and his ragtag crew of criminals survive and grasp freedom. The premise is quite interesting and I found myself picking the manga up and reading quite a bit of it what I like the most about this story is that it's not just a simple good and evil type of action story it goes beyond that with characters that may not be as bad as their reputation say come in for the action and adventure get amazed by the good characterization sums up my experience reading it so I can't wait to see it get animated.

Hell's Paradise: Jigokuraku Official Trailer

03. Blue Lock

blue lock
source: Myanimelist

We've got another one of those gritty sports anime and blue locks there to fill that void the titular blue locks a prison-like facility built with a sole purpose to find japan's next national team strike up from a pool of hundreds of participants only one will get chosen and the rest get banned from joining the team forever one of the prospects is Yoichi a striker dealing with doubts further pushed by an unselfish play costing his team the nationals seeing the blue lock project as an opportunity to clear his mind he enters the facility with the goal of grabbing hold of glory as the start of the national team blue lock takes the friendship and teamwork themes of typical sports anime and turns those conventions upside down oh and their superpowers too reality just doesn't work that way so the series instead delves on a more cynical take going with the themes of ego and selfishness certainly a different take from what we used to see and when i don't automatically equate cynical and dark to good the series has a lot to keep you entertained the characters end up being interesting and hard to predict and it's up to you to decide how you look at them considering their circumstances you rarely see psychological and sports combine as a genre but if you want to see one done beautifully then blue lock is your pick.

Blue Lock Official Trailer

02. Spy x Family

spy family
source: Myanimelist

Spy family is a perennial favorite I've seen a lot of people talk about it so imagine the collective shouts of joy when an anime was finally announced for the sake of world peace there's no hurdle twilight won't take however that statement just had to be put to the test with his latest assignment you see to investigate the politician Donovan Desmond. He gets tasked with infiltrating said sun school but how does one do that easy get married have a child and play family twilight now taking the Anya Loid Forger quickly adapts his family but it turns out that the rest of his adopted family have their own hidden natures a secret agent an assassin and a kid who can read minds what happens when they come together working towards their agenda's while pretending to be an ordinary loving family now this is a comedy I can get behind I love how it intertwines action with comedy thanks to the absurd setup and scenarios that can quickly turn into thrilling sequences if you enjoy those mysteries and Mrs smith type stories this could be the anime for you it's also got a slew of wholesome.

Spy x Family Official Trailer

01. Chainsaw Man

chainsaw man
source: Myanimelist

Coming out on top is chainsaw man Most Anticipated New Anime Series of 2022 was this a surprise everyone just can't get enough of chainsaw man and its announcement is probably one of the major events this past few months people went wild for this upcoming show and as early as now I'm calling this the mainstream hit of its season now for the uninitiated here's what it's all about chainsaw man stars Denji having outlived his usefulness he finds himself betrayed and slain by the same devils who are in contract with the yakuza fusing with his pet devil he gets reincarnated as the titular chainsaw man swearing revenge on those who betrayed him he joins the public safety Bureau as one of the hunters bloody brutal chaotic that sums up chainsaw man it's also extremely dark in comparison to most shonen jump titles and it'll surely be a great addition to its list of more cynical series like death note and the mentioned summertime render however talking about it just doesn't do it justice so make sure that you watch it when it comes out.

Chainsaw Man Official Trailer