Top 10 most Anticipated Anime Series of 2022

Top 10 most anticipated anime series of 2022

2021 is almost to its end, this year was great for anime production we get to see some amazing animation works done by masters. And 2022 on the horizon we are hoping to see a lot of new anime series and sequels of the previous anime. This is the list of the top 10 Most Anticipated anime series of 2022.

10. Blue lock

blue lock

Storage okay I know what you're gonna say another sports anime right surely it's one with friendship lessons super powers and a not so surprising number of boys friendship well one look at the poster it should break those illusions of yours this isn't your everyday shonen fair but it's a prospective blockbuster that aims to combine the sports and psychological genres that are not to say that there won't be any football playing here there will be lots of it but just not in the traditional sense after all the prison-like facility in blue lock aims to find japan's national team striker when the biggest egos all over japan are pitched against each other only the strongest will survive blue knocks call as a spawned anime and it delves more into the egotistical side of sport like it or not a lot of people are selfish and this is a title that aims to display the ugly side of humanity in their desire to achieve a goal the characters are just as interesting as well and when i think the theme of gray morality isn't so rare these days it's not all the time that you see it in a sports series this is not your haikyuu or kuroko for football.

09. My Hero Academia season 6

my hero academia season 6

We've come so far from the upstart superhero title that looked to make waves way back in 2016. combining an inspiring story very creative powers and a large cast of memorable characters my hero academia has exceeded my expectations in pretty much every metric possible it's not a surprise that this has become the face of shonen anime in the late 2010s and it doesn't look to be letting up anytime soon things started to heat up further this last season with a much-beloved league of villains arc but don't blink because we're gonna have an all-out war on our hands in the sixth season it's time for the showdown of the century as we're set to see all heroes taking on all villains in a battle that will decide the fate of japan a lot of people are excited and rightfully so this is one of the biggest and most hyped arcs in the manga so far and you better bring your tissues because things are gonna get real very soon no official dates been announced at the time of writing but all signs point to a 2022 release likely somewhere in the summer.

08. Kaguya Sama season 3

kaguya sama season 3

Kaguya summer season three is being critically acclaimed as one of the best modern rom-coms but its longevity partially surprised me just partially in a sense that with its popularity it would be strange to have it just end quickly well fans can rejoice as we can be seeing more of our favorite super-geniuses who are hopelessly lost in their battle of love who knew that a game of love with overblown antics in a bid to make someone confess could be so entertaining fun and entertaining enough to get us two seasons and leave the fans wanting more kaguyasama's main selling point is no doubt its premise and the creativity of the jokes and scenarios that you can find in its episodes thanks to the energetic atmosphere and the animation and directing there's never a dull moment in kaguya summer and if the previous two seasons are any indication you can expect more of the same in the third season too what also differentiates it from other rom-coms is how strong the supporting cast is the supporting characters all have their own characterizations and i dare say that some of them have even outshone the main duo in terms of fan excitement Kaguya sama fans and new watchers alike are welcome to join in the fun as the third season of the hit rom-com hits the airwaves sooner than later.

07. Mob Psycho 100 season 3

mob psycho 100 season 3

I've always loved mob psycho as a show that for me dazzles our eyes with a visual masterpiece while wrapping it around a very intriguing story that has a lot of depth to it while I wouldn't be in a rush to coronate The first two seasons of mob psycho as anime of the year they are surely somehow in the top tiers of shows then and you should really treat yourself by watching them speaking of treats we fans have won in the announcement of the third season just recently mob psycho's returning for possibly the grand finale and I can already feel the hype as early as now bones better not mess this one up if the previous seasons were any indication this one will yet again be another site to see while no announcements on the air day have been shown yet I fully expect this is to air sometime this 2020 and it'll no doubt steal the spotlight the anticipation is killing me and I'm sure that it does for all you fans as well the devil is a part-timer will finally, have its second season.

06. The Devil is a part-timer season 2

the devil is a part timer season 2

Devil is a part-timer will at least get to continuation in anime form back in this day people were captivated by this story of enemies turned friends slash lovers featuring Entei Isla's greatest hero and demon lord it's a fun adventure that captures what people just love about these enemies into lover stories along with a slew of charismatic and charming characters it's reverse it's a guy at its finest and if you haven't seen the first season you should definitely do it now I just find it pretty strange that they've decided to greenlight this after the controversial ending of the light novel the fans would have probably heard of by now still more anime is always good and I've wanted to see Sadao Emmy and Chiho back in anime form after so long complete with a new art style to boot to stay strong no game no life and classroom of the elite fans if index and devil is a part-timer can do it surely. 

05. Rising of Shield hero season 2

rising of the shield hero season 2

Everyone's favorite edgelord hero is back waiting this isn't Arifureta well that one will have a much-anticipated sequel coming this 2022 as well hopefully with better animation but I think that way more people are excited for the second season of rising of the shield hero Naofumi and gang are back at it again in their quest to save the world as the ragtag team of underdogs and their quest now takes them into direct conflict with the rampaging spirit tortoise and the mastermind behind the rampaging beast the trailer hasn't shown us much but if they're really sticking with the novel continuity let me just say that this upcoming arc is a blast we'll see a lot of action and aid to come in the form of the strongest unlikely allies we've seen so far something to keep you guys excited as I am they sure do like to keep us waiting for this one don't they delay after delay but it looks like we'll finally be getting it to spring 22. I just can't wait let's hope the adaptation will be as good as the first season. 

04. Vinland Saga season 2

vinland saga season 2

Vinland saga is my best show in 2019. I still stand by that and I think that a sizeable portion of you agreed that's why it's my pleasure to have you join the hype train for the next season of Vinland saga we've yet to see an official announcement for the release date for the sequel but I can see that the excitement is off the charts villain saga in its first season has been a breath of fresh air in the world of anime with its gritty atmosphere a surprisingly realistic and educational backdrop and some of the best character writing I've seen for a CNN title with what I've read of the manga Vinland saga season 2 will have a huge shift in tone in exchange for the fighting things should turn more grounded and focused on character development while we set up for one of the best manga arcs by far he's hoping that season two will be able to deliver the same quality. 

03. Chainsaw man

chainsaw man

I remember when this was announced everyone couldn't stop talking about it and it's not hard to see why just look at this poster and say that it doesn't catch your attention, in addition, it's not every day you see a dark action story from the shonen jump of all things one that blows up like this one has non-stop action brutal fights a very intense story and profound themes chainsaw man is what you get if you decide to take a shonen jump series and turn the maturity filter all the way up oh and add in a lot of subversions too I've read the manga and I can say that it's truly an exhilarating ride that just refuses to let go whether that will translate well into anime or not is anyone's guess but I've got full confidence that this show will be a strong contender for anime of the season whenever it decides to debut I'm fully on board with the hype for chainsaw man and you should be too I don't know if saying expect the unexpected would be too trite but it does perfectly fit with this series. 

02. Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War Arc 

bleach thousand year blood war arc

Long time fans have shown an anime have been waiting for this not too long ago we got the confirmation that the final arc of the thrilling series will be getting adapted bleach has been a cornerstone of the 2000s in anime and the fans have been salivating to see this final act in anime form stronger enemies than before higher stakes than before more intense battles and mind-blowing Bankai reveals that's what you expect from the thousand-year blood war arc but will its anime adaptation be the one that will revive the same further in the new decade we don't have a release date for this one as yet but I'm personally predicting a 2022 release probably somewhere in the middle of the year let's hope that they properly adapt the arc this time after all shaman king's remake due to episode constraints leaves a lot to be designed in terms of adaptation let's hope that bleach doesn't fall into that same curse as its 2000 supernatural shonen brother. 

01. Attack on titan final season part 2

attack on titan final season part 2

Is it even a surprise to see attack on titan's grand finale on top of this list it is the anime that shaped much of the landscape in the past decade and brought in a large wave of fans it still feels surreal talking about this after nearly a decade we finally come to the conclusion of the journey that gave us a whole range of emotions from the terrors of the early season to the joy of triumph and the glory of salvation it's about time for attack on titan to close the book on what's been a legendary run with its grand finale honestly the ending itself has been pretty contentious if we're gonna take a look at manga readers reactions but I think that it's the journey that counts it's been a long ride and a pleasure riding the aot train with you all and while i feel sad to say goodbye to a masterpiece of a series I am holding on to hope that the anime team will cap everything off in a finale that we won't ever forget aot has left a landmark in the anime industry for the past decade and the world just can't wait to see how it will finish this final stretch.