Top 10 Most Badass Swordsman mc's in Anime


Top 10 Most Badass Swordsman mc's in Anime

Swords can come in different shapes and forms and while some people think that they're a bit overused can we help it swords are just so cool aren't they and badass too how many badass sword wielders can you name how many of them are protagonists of their own shows that's what we'll be talking about this time here are the top 10 most badass swordsmen mc's in anime.

10. Asta 

Top 10 Most Badass Swordsman mc's in Anime asta

Well, the guy is unfortunately remembered more for his hilariously conspicuous shouting when the anime first began it overshadowed most of what the character has been able to do since then, and trust me there's a lot of them Asta has shown an astounding amount of growth in the series proper as expected out of a shonen protagonist who's pretty much a modernized take on naruto in a magic world you could have dropped black clover early on but come back around the hundredth episode or so and you'll suddenly be bamboozled. The character development in play and that's what makes him one of the most badass swordsmen main characters in anime.

09. Rin Okumura 

Top 10 Most Badass Swordsman mc's in Anime rin okumura

Someone known as the son of the devil himself should already be a candidate for the next badass sword-wielding protagonist on the list now with that in mind Rin Okumura more than lives up to his billing how can he not be when you take a look at what he's capable of let's see the blue flames inherited from none other than the strongest demon ever none other than his father high-speed regeneration and a heart that just doesn't yield finally a powerful sword that allows him to harness his blue flames in never-before-seen ways yep sounds just about right for a badass anime protagonist repertoire and he just keeps getting stronger both physically and mentally it's a badass protagonist like this who would have the guts to go hunting down his father himself their fated confrontation is one to look out for and I'm sure that such a tough cookie like rin wouldn't allow himself to just bend over and lose. 

08. Ichigo Kurosaki 

Top 10 Most Badass Swordsman mc's in Anime ichigo kurosaki

When you've got a local ghost menace in town and prefers someone more human than the son of the devil I think Ichigo is the right guy to call he's long wanted to be your everyday guy just chilling and keeping his friends safe unfortunately when you get some amazing ghost detection powers like he does such a thing is nigh impossible when life's got you in something like that it is time to step up isn't it and step up he did from the moment he got his powers from rookies he's done nothing but strive to become stronger in order to protect all he holds dear that includes training from hell outright suicidal invasions of another realm and taking in all the punishment that comes with the tough battles that he's had to go through despite not really proactive as a character it's just amazing how far Ichigo can endure when life's challenges come barreling his way truly a badass wielder of the sword.

07. Vampire hunter D 

Top 10 Most Badass Swordsman mc's in Anime vampire hunter D

For a change of pace from shonen protagonists, we have the super vampire slayer D in our next spot traveling across the lands in search of vampires to hunt D is an enigma handsome dark mysterious and having godlike prowess deeds the personification of noble vampire's worst nightmares a lot of it has to do with his background being a product of a human and a sacred ancestor little's known about dee's past but given his outlook and his aura one can tell that he's seen a lot enough to make him the hardened and tough hunter that he is oh and there's also the thing about him being able to become even stronger by accessing his vampire powers it doesn't matter what kind of being gets put in front of him noble vampires aliens elder gods the list goes on basically nothing can slow him down or prove to be too hard of a challenge for him he's no invincible hero but challenges rarely keep him down once he gets you in his sights he will cut you down that's just how determined and badass D is. 

06. Mugen 

Top 10 Most Badass Swordsman mc's in Anime mugen

A rogue samurai takes the next spot on the list with Mugen given his upbringing it's really going to be surprising if Mugen wouldn't be on this list the vulgar and aggressive samurai brings a completely different dynamic to the main trio in samurai champloo and i think that in terms of being a straight-up badass is what everybody in the story beat growing up in such a rough childhood does that to you the young Mugen had to resort to crime just to get by and a life where danger lurked to every corner has sharpened him to be the tough bastard that he is in the story proper the strongest gems are forged from fire and the life of anarchy has done more than enough for Mugen sure it puts him at odds with a lot of people but that's just what a good anti-hero is isn't it he has a lot of astounding feats and fights in the samurai shampoo proper and i think those are more proof of how big of a badass he really is plus who else can fight so well yet so recklessly all while showing off some dance moves.

05. Hyakkimaru 

Top 10 Most Badass Swordsman mc's in Anime hyakkimaru

If you think that Mugen had a tough childhood and a tough past you haven't seen anything yet how about losing practically your entire body to some demonic pact out of your control and having to slowly become whole by fighting demons scattered across the land while Mugen had to contend with ruffians and fellow criminals Hyakkimaru had to deal with problems of the supernatural variant it's his story that makes Dororo a very exciting watch that I'd highly recommend it doesn't follow the traditional weak to a strong formula that we've come to see from anime often but it's such a thrill to see the twists and turns in Hyakkimaru's quest to become whole once again you need no further proof of Hyakkimaru's badassness then his showcases of creativity and power in defeating demons and slowly getting his parts back just imagine how tough those first few fights are. 

04. Afro samurai 

Top 10 Most Badass Swordsman mc's in Anime afro samurai

Just how badass is Afro samurai don't mind the fact that he's the second strongest in the world for a second being second strongest in the world is no easy feat but holding on to the titles against fellow samurai a copycat android and all sorts of assassins at that is just straight-up bonkers but of course number two just isn't the endpoint for someone like Afro samurai how can it be when the previous holder of the title of number one was his father and he had to endure seeing his father killed in a battle for the title thus Afro continues to forge forward even with all the strength of the world at his side he pushes on and keeps honing his skills because he must seek revenge no matter what blood-soaked road awaits him Afro will stop at nothing to exact revenge and take back the title of number one that rightfully belongs to his family. 

03. Kenshin Himura 

Top 10 Most Badass Swordsman mc's in Anime kenshin humura

A list of badass swordsmen main characters wouldn't be complete without Kenshin anyone who grew up in the 90s would no doubt be familiar with the quiet samurai wearing an x on his cheek Kenshin's probably one of the more iconic characters of that era not as much as guys like Goku but he's up there and for good reason too starting off as the cold-blooded killer Kenshin story is one of redemption it's a completely enchanting journey as he goes from one of the most notorious killers to finding the warmth of love and friendship on his road to erasing the person that he was in the past even in his kindness his skill with the sword hasn't dwindled as you can see in the many big battles he got in the series Kenshin as Batosai is a badass a true demon on the battlefield who has no peer but i personally think that the reformed kenshin is even more badass there's just something so cool with how composed he is and how he sticks by his conviction to never kill anyone it takes serious restraint and some insane psychological control because as we all know the toughest battles are the ones fought within us. 

02. Gintoki Sakata 

Top 10 Most Badass Swordsman mc's in Anime gintoki sakata

The runner-up this time is Gintoki don't let that cheeky and impish grin fool you even the sweet tooth and the constant laziness can catch anyone off guard but what we're dealing with here is one of the toughest sword wielder main characters in anime that there is yes this troll of a main character can just as easily shift gears and amazed with some of the most amazing feats for an anime main character just trying to count the number of times he saved someone by arriving in the nick of time how about the times he showed off his swordsmanship skills that you wouldn't expect out of a clown like him you can even look at some of the gritty slugfests that he found himself in like the battles against Dakasugi that's not even getting to Gintoki's tragic backstories and burned bridges he'd lost everything and he had a lot of blood on his hands things that he distanced himself from even temporarily the man had long been looking for a purpose in life and as they say the biggest smilers are in fact the ones who are the most hurt ironically that makes him quite a similar character to Kenshin just with a lot more mischief and comedic elements.

01. Guts 

Top 10 Most Badass Swordsman mc's in Anime guts

Number one badass swordsman main character is none other than guts ah guts if there's a character who's the epitome of sheer toughness grittiness and plain old violence i think the guts is a prime candidate for that his backstory alone is one thing but you're talking about a man who's grown up completely surrounded by bloodshed berserk as a series surely doesn't hold back on the gore on the violence and you have this one person hardened by such an environment to not just survive in it but thrive in it in the anime world guts is truly the embodiment of brutality and he's still getting stronger as time progresses throughout the whole saga of berserk rarely do you see him not being able to just power and brute force his way through the problems and that kind of edginess really helped to make the series such a cultural phenomenon in its heyday now if only we could get a better berserk adaptation than the one we just had you know the one that became a meme fountain due to the cg in terms of sheer badassness i doubt that anyone would come close to berserk's guts and he's the undisputed number one character on this list.