Top 10 Most OP Sensei in Anime

Top 10 Most OP Sensei in Anime

I've talked about protagonists and rivals so why not badass and overpowered mentor characters we're talking about those ever-present teachers who guide our heroes provide a valuable ally in times of need and often help unlock the hero's true potential. This is the list of amazing and Overpowered Sensei in Anime. 

10. Minato Namikaze 

Top 10 Most OP Sensei in Anime Minato namikaze

Handling egos and conflicting personalities are hard the combustible element of both Kakashi's cold and focused personality along with Obito's strong idealism would have driven anyone mentally crazy. Good thing they've got none other than the fourth Hokage Minato mentoring them. Naruto's dad has been renowned as not just a mentor to the trio of younglings but also as the yellow flash of Konoha a moniker that he deservingly got from his feats of the fourth Hokage his skills have also led some to believe him to be the child of prophecy who would someday save the world he would then hold off toby and give up his life in the attack of nine tales. Defeating it by doing the ultimate sacrifice and opening the way for his son to carve a legend of his own to surpass him someday. 

09. Yami Sukehiro 

Top 10 Most OP Sensei in Anime yami sukehiro

Our next contender is black clover's Yami from appearance alone you could tell that the captain of the black balls is not someone that you want to mess with beneath that gruff and tough facade, however, is a powerful mentor that will have your back 100 of the time Yami's been one of the most integral characters in the development of Asta and you have to say that a lot of that has to come with the fighting experience that this beast brings to the table just look at how he handles his major fights and trying to count the number of times he's come to our heroes rescue he's got a lot to show for his status as an overpowered mentor. 

08. All Might

Top 10 Most OP Sensei in Anime All might

Always coming with a smile and a reassuring look the powerful All might make his way to the list to the surprise of no one we can't really miss out on the embodiment of justice and good in my hero academia universe now can we besides his quote of heroic entrances we can also count on All might to be one of the badass mentors and teachers you can have what I like about All might is that we get to see various signs of him through the story instead of just being the invincible hero that everyone's making him out to be I personally resonated with his understanding attitude and the way he resolves issues with his disciples mainly Deku and to an extent Bakugo I know this is something that's not all that rare seeing various faces of the seemingly fallible mental characters but All might's case really felt special for me especially looking at how the world progressed after his main role finishes badass and reliable all might is one of my favorite anime mentors in recent memory. 

07. Silver Rayleigh

Top 10 Most OP Sensei in Anime silver rayleigh

The dark king a name that stirs fear in people all across the seven seas, a prominent member of the roger pirates in its heyday. Rayleigh now finds himself chilling and enjoying life with women however he's not since lost his edge and he's the one who acted as a mentor figure to teach Luffy about the world of Haki with the passing of whitebeard Rayleigh takes over as a big cornerstone of the heroic faction pulling several awesome feats and great saves himself throughout the course of the series he may have been old but he still has it and he still manages to throw it down with the admirals I'd probably throw in that old cliche saying of not judging people by appearances but that just doesn't apply to Rayleigh come on one look at him screams badass he's got the edgy call factor down if we're talking about appearances here Luffy couldn't have asked for a better person to teach him Haki count on the overpowered guy without a devil fruit too do the job for him. 

06. Hayato Furinji

Top 10 Most OP Sensei in Anime hayato furinji

The most underrated series in my opinion history's The mightiest disciple how about continuing with a bang with none other than the strongest person alive at least according to residents of the Genici universe that's right we're going with Hayato Furinjin undefeated elder of the Rio Zampaku dojo with his imposing stature and advanced age he embodies one face of the stereotypical mentor character in appearance however I don't think he's anything but that behind the gentle outlook is a look of a master you can trust the most he's strong but I think he's as cool as badass mentors come mainly due to his gentleness and the appearance that he's someone that you can trust with all your heart don't let the warm welcoming dad feels let you forget his power though it's probably not much in the wide world of anime this is a guy who can run on the water move too fast to be seen on camera throw bombs to humongous heights and all of that without even trying. 

05. Whis

Top 10 Most OP Sensei in Anime whis

If you were to ask a random guy whom they think the strongest member of universe 7 is they probably wouldn't immediately pinpoint the Whis. Still, Whis is probably one of the better mentors Goku can have is the one to personally train him and Vegeta to unlock the god forms he also helps them out with the Frieza saga and he can manipulate timelines to help our heroes. Whis is also the embodiment of divine intervention in the DBZ universe. 

04. Koro-Sensei

Top 10 Most OP Sensei in Anime koro sensei

Koro-sensei is quite the wild card here introduced first as a supposed villain who destroyed the world he gives our students the one girl to assassinate him and save the world now we all know that's a ruse right because behind that threat lies a very compassionate teacher who has the ability to bring out the best from his students I'd say for the job he took. Koro-sensei is quite overqualified is there anything that he can't do it doesn't seem like it right even in terms of combat no amount of military prowess can seem to best he looks like our students have their work cut out for them however given a teacher that can connect to his students as much as Koro-sensei the eventual time of partying has got to hurt those affable threats of destroying the world aside will eventually find out that Koro-sensei himself is quite the touching and troubled past he could also explain the empathy that he shows making him one of the best teachers you could ever have. 

03. Hiko Seijuro

Top 10 Most OP Sensei in Anime hiko seijuro

Not all anime mentors are kind and accommodating though how about an anime mentor that's the embodiment of the phrase tough love taken to the logical extremes that's how we arrive with Rurouni Kenshin's Hiko Seijuro ruthless and cynical Hiko Sejuro is not the everyday image of an anime mentor that people can typically think of he's more of the teacher from hell type that starkly contrasts the warm and accommodating aura that people like Hayato give instead he's cold and seemingly unemotional despite caring for Kenshin beneath that aura in a way that kind of attitude also befits him being the most powerful character in the series heck if he got involved in the Kyoto arc we could have seen an end to Shishio's conquest much earlier but that would have made for good storytelling now would it. 

02. Sotaru Gojo 

Top 10 Most OP Sensei in Anime sotaru gojo

Gojo sensei probably stole the show in Jujutsu Kaisen practically all of his moments are mind-blowingly cool and I dare say he's part of the reason Jujutsu Kaisen became such a hit his moments are all visual spectacles and we see the internet blowing up every time he comes in and does something really cool I don't want to spoil the manga any further but when the bad guys are actively revolving their game plan around you and how they can keep you from intervening it's got something to say about the strength that you have and the threat that you present I've long had a rather soft spot for anime mentors but I think the Gojo sealed the deal for me he's arguably one of the coolest and most badass anime mentors out there. 

01. Saitama

Top 10 Most OP Sensei in Anime saitama

When it comes to being an overpowered mentor few come close to Mr. One punch man himself Saitama the hero above all heroes no villain stands up against the might of Saitama and that's earned him the adoration of the people who knew his prowess in the One punch man world for the few of you who haven't watched One punch man let me briefly tell you what Saitama's all about this unassuming Baldi was inspired to be a hero and trained himself to hell and back the end result. A hero who can defeat any foe with one punch and yes I mean that that doesn't mean Saitama's just a caricature of course someone as strong as he is could inevitably fall into the trap of becoming boring but Saitama actually comes up with a pretty unique outlook on life instead of being the go-getter hero and defender of justice people can picture him as he's actually quite the cynical anti-hero with some good points about the whole hero industry the greatest hero and one of the most interesting characters in modern anime Saitama tops off the list of my favorite overpowered mentors.