Top 15 BEST Action Superpower Anime Series

Top 15 BEST Action Superpower Anime Series

When it comes to action anime everybody love to see superpower action anime with op mc character doing fights with the villain. And we have seen our fair share of action anime with super-strong mc and villains. Since we all love these anime series today we will look at the top 15 best action superpower anime series that you will all love. 

15. Fog hill of Five Elements

Fog Hill of five elements

Now, this might be a surprise start to the list but anyone who has seen the show knows it deserves their spots. Fog hill of five elements also titled wu zing tells the story that is a combination of action suspense and superpowers this happens in a world where monsters could give the ability to certain elected officials to master the five elements but there is a catch to do this they need to pass the fog hills a hill that has dangerous threats lurking within it in this anime we follow the adventures of one of these elected officials as he crosses the fog mountain the series has got some astounding animation plus some great fight scenes that complement the powers so if you haven't watched it yet now will be the time to add this one to your watch list. 

14. Unlimited Psychic Squad 

Unlimited Psychic squad

If you have watched Zetta Catan children then this spin-off might not be new for you but if you haven't then now would be a good time to take a look at it this anime follows Kyousuke Hyoubu who is an expert with supernatural powers a betrayal leaves him strong and overpowered but his kind heart still rescues innocence the anime shows his struggle to rescue espers who are hunted by humans and how he gains the royalty of rescued espers the plot the story and even the characters manage to hook you up and unlike most anime the show doesn't drop off the hype it built up in the first episode you've got an overpowered protagonist an engaging mystery and action that can keep you at the edge of your seat. 

13. The money of soul and possibility control

The money of soul and possibility control

Are you a fan of economics here we follow the adventures of Kimimaro Yoga one day he meets a mysterious man named Masakaki who offers him a deal to accept a large amount of money in return for his future being held as collateral Kimimaro accepts this deal and soon gets transported to an alternate reality where he becomes an entree each entry gets a creature called assets who are used to compete others against matches which are referred to as deals if you are a person who studied economics then you might have surely heard of many economic terms in here such as entry which is short for entrepreneur or assets and deals c is a series that takes a rather anime approach to economics and finance and delivers an action anime that is both fast-paced and interesting. 

12. Blood Blockade Battlefront

Blood blockade battlefront

It is both unique in its premise and its execution it has a regular monster versus humans theme but the reason why you'll be hooked is that the main character Leonardo watch is one of the strongest characters when it comes to ocular powers his eyes allow him to see fast movements impossible for norman human eyesight and also comes in with a self-restoration function rather than any of that Leonardo has the ability to see the truth of the world and also manipulate the eyes of other people to see illusions it follows his adventures and his interactions with various evil on his journey while giving us some great action. 

11. SpiritPact 


Let's move on to china because Japan isn't the only country that can produce anime that can pack a punch spirit pact is about  You Keika after an accident You Keika wakes up to discover that he has turned into a spirit a man named Tanmoku Ki explains that he is an exorcist and in return for protecting him from humans he should lend his strength to Tanmoku Ki while dealing with other spirits the anime follows their adventures and takes a deep dive into the supernatural as well as the superpower genre the action is fast-paced and has the ability to keep you in suspense and the story knows how to combine comedy as well as romance to its narrative to make it more engaging. 

10. A Certain Magical Index 

A certain magical index

If you are tired of poly crafted world building then you need to tackle a world with both magic and science a certain magical index is a series that starts off with a protagonist who has power but is not aware of the potential of it thus becoming an average high schooler yes that's Touma Kamijou a boy who wields the imagine breaker a power that can negate any other supernatural power one day he meets a girl named index a nun who has been gifted with the knowledge of 103 000 magical books and is running away from people trying to kill her soon toma gets involved in a fight between espers and magicians and gets dragged into a war between the two factions a certain magical index has got mystery supernaturalism as well as superpowers that are both interesting and theoretically plausible. 

09. Garo the animations series

Garo the animations series

Here we follow golden knight Garo and knights that excel in their abilities the title is owned by Leon Louis who wants revenge from the king's advisor Mendoza for killing his mother. The anime follows his trials as he meets new characters and learns about his own past while in search of Mendoza the series has five anime and except for the first two, the rest follows a different character who inherits the golden knight Garo compared to many other adventure anime in the series Garo is much darker and unlike other protagonists, the original holder of the night follows after revenge so expect some plot twists as well apart from that it also has some great world-building and a combination of sword and sorcery to deliver some superb action sequences. 

08. Kill la Kill 

Kill la kill

What happens when the clothes you wear turn into weapons I'm not kidding kill a kill happens in a world where clothes give their wearers superhuman abilities this happens because they are constructed with the special material known as life fibers along comes Ryuuko Matoi a student searching for the killer of her father she arrives at the Honnouji Academy and challenges the rulers to fight her she gets taken down or finds a costume named Senketsu that gives her more power if you think the anime would turn out to be cartoonish after hearing the premise then you're clearly the wrong killer kill uses a simple premise to focus on deeper themes and even if you hate philosophy and intense discussions you'll definitely be engaged by the comedy of the show. 

07. From the new world

From the new world

Before an era of promise neverland we have from the new world and unlike the former, this was heavily underrated compared to other series released around the same time so to do this anime justice here's a quick overview of it the series happens in a dystopian world where children awaken psychic powers saki Watanabe is such a girl who awakens psychic powers but she has a burning question what happens to children who are unable to awaken their powers soon new mysteries evolved and saki and her friends get tangled into them not many anime manage to pull the dystopian world and setting well but from the new world is an exception apart from the suspenseful story the series is also populated with well-written characters who can grip your attention and a narrative that slowly reveals its mystery. 

06. Fire force

Fire force

Moving along the dystopian route let's jump into another dystopian anime this one happens in the future where human beings are turned into living infernos called infernals after accidents related to spontaneous human combustion to stop these infernals there is a military force is known as the fire force Shinra Kusakabe is a third-generation pyrotechnic teenager who has the power to ignite his feet into flames when needed the anime follows his adventures as he joins the fire force compared to other anime this show only revolves around one superpower but that doesn't mean it has less potential than others, to be honest, this is what actually plays for its advantage even though there are shounen cliches here and there the compelling villains narrative as well as main character help make this one of the best superpower action anime out there. 

05. Tiger and Bunny

Tiger and bunny

Want a more fast-paced my hero academia tiger and bunny features the same setting with superheroes and supervillains but adds some mystery to it it happens in an alternative universe to earth where superheroes dominate the city and their heroic activities are communicated through a tv channel known as hero tv in here we meet Barnaby brooks a young man with murdered parents who's teamed up with a veteran hero named Kotetsu Kaburagi at first the two have their conflicting ideas on how they should operate but soon both of them begin to learn from each other especially Barnaby he develops both his talents and ideas as the story moves forward and the mystery enveloping his past only urges this process. 

04. Jojo's bizarre adventure

Jojo's bizarre adventure

Even if you haven't heard the show you must have heard of the memes based on the widely popular manga of the same name this anime tells of the conflict between Jonathan Joestar and Dio Brandon the narrative is divided into several parts the protagonist of each part is a member of the Joestar family all of whom possess a star-shaped birthmark above their left shoulder blade the Jojo series manages to make some realistic and rather dramatic story with its unique plot and setting instead of superpowers here we have users that can call that inner spirit power into a significant energy form known as the stand if you haven't watched it now's a great time to start and the experience you gain from watching this show is something you will never forget. 

03. Bungo stray dogs

Bungo stray dog

Do you want a show that not only has its own unique mysteries but also combines them with supernatural tropes to deliver something amazing then Bungo stray dogs is the show for you this is about a mysterious detective agency that solves crimes related to supernatural events done by the criminal organization known as port mafia it has an interesting cast with mysterious backstories and unique personalities one of the interesting facts here is that each of them is named after a certain Japanese author Bungo stray dogs were one of those addictive mystery shows that combines it with a nice set of characters ties it into a bigger plot and manages to keep you hooked through its entire three seasons. 

02. Hunter x hunter

Hunter x hunter

Hunter x Hunter is an anime that excels in all areas and there is a reason why its fanbase still considers this as one of the best anime ever made it happens in a world where people known as hunters accept contracts to hunt dangerous beasts and other monsters twelve-year-old gun for ceasing wants to become a hunter in order to search for his father but he soon learns the path isn't as easy as he thinks hunter x hunter blends its misery with its world-building really well and not only it has greatly written characters but also a rational power system that never diverts from its established rule if you've not watched this yet then now would be a great time to check out this masterpiece. 

01. Toriko Tv


Lastly we have Toriko where we move on to the gourmet age if you didn't learn about this age in your history class that's because this is the age where most of the landscape is filled with food materials here we have gourmet hunter Toriko who wants to discover unpopular ingredients together with his friend Komatsu a highly skilled chef working at a five-star hotel Toriko's plot may be bent more towards the unrealistic side but this is also what makes it much better you get the feeling of escapism in a super-powered action anime that is at times filled with action-adventure and other times brimming with shonen comedy this is one of the underrated series when it comes to the superpower niche.