Top 10 Anime Where The MC Gets Betrayed And Becomes a Badass

Top 10 Anime Where The MC Gets Betrayed And Becomes a Badass

This is the list of anime where the mc gets betrayed and becomes a badass. I  hope you will enjoy this fantastic list of anime series.  This list includes very popular series as well as underrated anime series. so without any delay let's get through the list of mc characters who get betrayed a become badass.

10. Redo Of Healer

Top 10 Anime Where The MC Gets Betrayed And Becomes a Badass redo of healer

Now being a healer ain't easy you know in online games and fantasy worlds one wrong move and your entire party gets wiped one missed timing and the entire raid is lost while healers carry such a heavy responsibility their skill set also makes them very high in demand and unfortunately prone to being taken advantage of Keyaru's bright future as the world's greatest healer never materialized instead he ends up on the path of torture and abuse but fortunately for him he has in him the greatest ability of all-time a healing spell so strong that it allows him to wind back time carrying the anguish of his past the time for vengeance has come and it's going to be one hell of a show Redo of Healer takes some of the popular elements in revenge fiction and takes the more controversial aspects to the extreme pushing the limits of what can be shown on tv with its violence shock value and its sexual content but needless to say, I'll put in some content warnings here for those interested in watching it. 

09. Arifureta: From Commonplace to World's Strongest

Top 10 Anime Where The MC Gets Betrayed And Becomes a Badass arifureta

To sum up Arifureta's premise specifically for our protagonist Hajime's character arc sent into an Isekai world with the rest of his class and getting the overlooked transmutation ability resident geek Hajime finds himself betrayed by his classmates sent down into the abyss and left alone to die he barely clings on to the life he struggles to survive and becomes stronger by fighting ferocious monsters only to meet the vampire Yui together with her, Hajime looks to find his way back home starting the tale of an ordinary boy's journey to becoming the world's strongest like Redo of Healer. Earlier Arifureta that made some noise back in his days this time it's mostly for the memes regarding the CGI however, once you look past the admittedly hilarious graphics Arifureta ends up a pretty entertaining piece of popcorn entertainment if you're up for gloriously overpowered protagonists with a supporting cast that makes the squad look like some kind of edgy corner super then this might be the show for you.

08. Kaze no Stigma

Top 10 Anime Where The MC Gets Betrayed And Becomes a Badass kaze no stigma

If you weren't around during the late 2000s and saw stigma of the wind i wouldn't blame you if the show reminded you of Shakugan no Shana however passed a red-haired female lead with flames in the romance the two shows are actually quite different and it all starts with the premise of the main character Kaze no Stigma introduces Yagami Kazuma who's been sent into exile after losing a fight to his second cousin and that's a top tier stereotypical Asian family right there jokes aside Kazuma's actually talented at something nope it's not flame magic which he's absolutely terrible at but it actually winds magic it proves to be a curse as a series of murders involving wind magic has Kazuma in the crosshairs of the Kannagi family and said second cousin Ayano it's a fight for survival to clear his name and unravel the mystery of the murders just like Arifureta before Kaze no Stigma features an overpowered light novel lead however, Kazuma is more of the hiding your true powers type and I'd have to say that his interactions with Ayano are pretty entertaining the visuals alone can put the show above Arufureta but I think that the story also ends up being quite interesting. 

07. Gankutsuou

Top 10 Anime Where The MC Gets Betrayed And Becomes a Badass gankutsuou

We move on to classic literature and what better title to represent the idea of a hero getting betrayed only to become stronger than Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo is probably the quintessential story about a person being portrayed and coming back stronger so it's a no-brainer that an anime based on such book is on this list Gankutsuou generally follows the story of the source material with some deviations however, what I find the most striking about this show is it's unique presentation the art's already an eye catcher and while it may take a while to get used to it gives the show its own unique look and appeal while the adaptation style is loose I'd say that the actual execution of the plot is still intriguing enough to keep me invested in the revenge story at hand with The Count of Monte Cristo becoming a legendary title amongst the revenge stories the world seed it's a given the Gankutsuou will have high expectations I'd say that the story passes those expectations with flying colors and a wood vouch for this series this is one of the shows that went under the radar but the series is completely worth your time. 

06. The Rising of the Shield Hero

Top 10 Anime Where The MC Gets Betrayed And Becomes a Badass the shield hero

One thing that will always be on a list like this is shield hero the way I see it shield hero is the series that popularized the subgenre to the mainstream and I'd say that The anime community couldn't have picked a better show for it shield hero stars now for me one of the four heroes summoned to defend the kingdom against waves of monsters his promising journey starts off quite rocky being framed for crimes and being shunned by his fellow heroes and citizens left alone with only his companion the demi-human slave Raphtalia the two set forth on a journey of redemption in order to protect the kingdom of Melromarc I earlier claimed that shield hero is one of the best revenge series but i meant that in terms of putting the sub genre on the map it's not the best story by a long shot, it's got a lot of little things that ensured its success a sympathetic lead a nice fantasy world an easy to follow plot and lots of cool and cute character designs I know it's a bit polarizing but I also really enjoy the dynamic between now for me and Raphtalia.

05. Yona of the Dawn

Top 10 Anime Where The MC Gets Betrayed And Becomes a Badass yona of dawn

We've seen this story before now haven't we sheltered princess living a life of luxury before an internal betrayal turns that world upside down sending her life spiraling into a living hell while that happens said princess starts to see the kingdom for what it really is as her horizons get broadened during the seemingly impossible quest to regain the throne it's not the most unique of stories but if there's one thing that managed to make that premise work so excellently it's Yona of the dawn it's a great coming-of-age adventure that showcases some amazing art and a very captivating storyline it also helps that the characters down to the side characters are well developed Yonah herself is a great protagonist that people root for and I think that she plays the role of the naive heroine who gets an eye-opener very well due to its genre and the nature of the plot and characters I'm not really surprised that the series isn't so mainstream however, I do urge you to give this a shot you won't regret it. 

04. 91 days

Top 10 Anime Where The MC Gets Betrayed And Becomes a Badass 91 days

It's pretty refreshing to have such a western aesthetic in anime for once and I feel that it's rare for anime to cover some historical periods in America like the prohibition era the lawlessness and the anarchy of the era is made all the more evident with the start of the story which sees Angelo's family being murdered by the mafia now as we all know the tragedy only fuels the fire in the heart of the survivor and young Angelo leaves the town and re-christens himself Angelo seven years later he finds himself back in a town with vengeance insight he quickly encounters a member of the mafia family responsible for his family's death and thus begins the first step to his seven-year plan of finally exacting revenge overall 91 days is a gripping thriller about a man's path to vengeance's a bloodstain path that will keep you in suspense and you'll find yourself wanting more and more as the plot unfolds I really recommend this show and amongst the others on this list I think that this is one of the most underrated show out there.

03. Berserk 

Top 10 Anime Where The MC Gets Betrayed And Becomes a Badass berserk

Berserk is one of those series that's transcended generations it could be due to its sheer boldness in depicting violence and the more the unglamorous side of anime combined with beautiful character writing whatever the case berzerk's been immortalized in the anime community for good reason these days some people clown berserk for the 2016 adaptation but when you put that one aside you can see a story that is legitimately good berserk has carved its way to immortality due to being such a gripping story about survival betrayal and the reality of battle it has a lot of cathartic moments and showcases a whole slew of tragedy and redemption for our characters if you're looking to get into berserk I'd suggest watching the 1997 series for me it's one of the best adaptations of the source material and it has 25 episodes worth of content for you to enjoy the story it's toned down compared to the manga but it still gets his point across fairly well I'd also, recommend you watch the third Berserk movie which I think adapted the eclipse really well. 

02. Vinland Saga 

Top 10 Anime Where The MC Gets Betrayed And Becomes a Badass vinland saga

It's unlikely that you're going to need an introduction to this epic journey that chronicles the story of the Vikings Vinland saga it seems has been on everyone's watch list since it debuted a few years back I would say it does deserve it though villain saga takes us back in time as it chronicles the journey of Thorfin a promising youth he finds his world embroiled in chaos with the death of his father the culprit the notorious Askeladd they say that you should keep your enemies closer so Thorfin finds his way into the squad of the mighty Viking leader hoping to one-day exact revenge on the man who killed his father. In the midst of war and destruction will he ever gets that chance for sweet revenge Vinland saga completely deserves the praise being showered by it it's suspenseful thrilling and will always keep you on the edge with its action scenes it also helps that the show is amazing in terms of characterization and development definitely a recommendation. 

01. Attack on Titan 

Top 10 Anime Where The MC Gets Betrayed And Becomes a Badass AOT

Considered by many to be one of the best anime not just in modern times but just all-time generally I think that not a lot would argue attack on titan's placement on this list show that sent shockwaves to the anime world that can still, be felt today has all the makings of an animated masterpiece it just amazes me how it manages to weave so many character stories shocking twists and foreshadowing together to create a series that will be remembered for years to come it started out as a show about fighting monsters that captivated audiences due to its subversion of the usual anime tropes but then it became very political and philosophical it takes quite the genius to come up with a mix of those genres and make it work but the madman is Hajime Isayama did it for you.