Top 10 Best Romance Anime That Will Make You Laugh

Top 10 Best Romance Anime That Will Make You Laugh

 Best Romantic Comedy Anime series That you should definitely watch

Today I will share some of the best romantic comedy anime series that will just blow your mind. This list of romance anime series contains the best romantic comedy anime which is a must-watch anime series. So let's go through the list of amazing romance anime with so much comedy in it.

10. Yamada-Kun and the Seven Witches

Yamada-Kun and the Seven Witches

Turning over a new leaf is a really hard thing to do especially if you're someone who's already internalized delinquent behavior.

Ryuu Yamada enters high school attempting to do so, only to fall back to his old ways it didn't take long for him to go back to being the lazy guy with all sorts of delinquent behavior on the other side of the spectrum is the beautiful honor student Urara the complete opposite of our protagonist

she'd find her life on a collision course with the resident delinquent literally, unfortunately, this accident allows them to discover the ability to swap bodies with a kiss a power that could end up being more trouble than it's actually worth hence Yamada's foray into finding the seven witches seven students who've obtained powers through kisses begins you can join in on all of the freaky Friday fun too prepare for a fun ride as you join arara and Yamada in their mission to solve the school's many supernatural mysteries

9. Lovely complex

Lovely complex

How important should height be in the game of love very much so it seems if you ask Risa Koizumi and Atsushi Otani being much taller than the average girl and much shorter than the average guy both do a number on them much worse than their respective crushes start falling in love with each other now left with no one but each other the duo then start helping each other out with regards to their crushes however, that's not the only thing keeping them close to stark differences in height aside the two share a lot of things in common

their love for music, fashion, and their sense of humor you know it's only a matter of time before Koizumi realizes her growing feelings for Ohtani would this be the start of a mismatched yet somehow perfect romance, yeah this definitely sounds like doradora doesn't it. Just like doradora I had a lot of fun watching lovely complex, it's just so way over the top that I can't stop laughing and wanting more with each passing episode if you're up for some hilarious comedy starring two awkwardly paired characters with amazing chemistry you should definitely try this one out.

8. Tsurezure Children

Tsurezure Children

When it comes to showing youth romance in its simplest and most straightforward form I'd say that Tsurezure children are king instead of a full-blown anime series chronicling the long overarching development of romance focusing on couples this shows more of a series of skits that showcases the various forms that youth love can take sure children has a the whole slew of colorful and interesting characters to keep it fresh and you'd be amazed at the number of ways the simple feeling of I love you can be conveyed the drama's there but overall the show is a light-hearted comedic the affair that generally uses that part to entertain despite the episodic and short anthology nature of the show making it a bit jarring to those accustomed to watching full series Tsurezure children still do a whole lot of great things as a rom-com given the nature of the source material I wasn't sure how the anime team would pull this one off but what the hell they did it and they passed with flying colors.

7. Mayo Chiki

Mayo Chiki

Not in little part due to his experiences with his family members kinjiro sakamichi has developed a fear of women he can't even take a touch from a girl before suffering nosebleeds and even fainting well things are about to get worse for him largely in part to his unfortunate encounter with renowned

butler Subaru connoy turns out that the popular butler is in fact she and after a violent assault kinjiro finds himself at the mercy of the headmaster's daughter Kanade in exchange for kinjiro keeping Subaru's gender a secret Gennady would help cure his fear of women now I wasn't sure what my expectations were into Mayo Chiki seeing as I joined the ride due to finding the opening theme really catchy I got more than what I bargained for because mayo chiki gave me loads of fun from its out of this world premise to its endless doses of comedy edgy and some cross-dressing hijinks this show is an underrated winner.

6. Maid Sama

Maid Sama

Living a double life isn't easy especially if you're someone as hard-nosed and strict as student council president Misaki known for her disciplinarian attitude and martial arts skills that would send even the toughest troublemakers running she does hold a secret

she works part-time at a maid cafe it doesn't take long before you are sweet the most popular guy in school walks into the maid cafe and uncovers the indomitable girl's secret now he has her in the palm of his hand what happens when the most popular bad boy in school has the perfect blackmail material an opportunity for a budding romance, of course, I think that the hook for maid sama is really great but I think it's got some issues with the the sheer amount of unimportant side characters despite everything I still think that there are things that he could have done better which is why it's only sixth on this list however everything else from the main character dynamics and develop the art and the sheer amount of comedy especially in early episodes make this one a really good rom-com. 

5. School Rumble I love You

School Rumble I love You

Three magical words that are so powerful that one wrong utterance can turn multiple people's worlds upside down that are if you can even properly master the courage to say those magical words in the first place such as the the dilemma faced by idiot delinquent Kenji haruma who just can't find it in himself to confess to his crush who in turn is even more clueless in how she goes with her feelings for an oddball obsessed with food well you also have these characters who may or may not have feelings for Kenji and what we have is a full-blown high-octane comedy of misunderstandings failed confessions and plain old high school craziness built around people wanting to win the hearts of the people they desire and it looks like high school romance is definitely, not a walk in the park good old school rumble is one of the shows that opened me up to the world of romcoms

and I'm sure that a lot of you guys could say the same and yeah you're not supposed to take most of this one seriously wacky situations hilarious misunderstandings and much more awaiting one of the most beloved romantic comedies of the 2000s. 

4. Sakurasou


This hit light novel rom-com pretty much-defined part of my college life due to his conscience prevented him from abandoning a stray cat sonata ends up being kicked out of his regular school dorms and lands at sakura hall home of the eccentric troublemakers however his new life takes yet another turn as he gets a quick request to pick up the art teacher's cousin Mashiro Shiina all of Serta's hopes of protecting this new girl from the

the craziness of the dorm gets dashed when he realizes that Mashiro is also quite the eccentric herself Mashiro is an artistic genius but she's also one of the worst in terms of social skills to the point where she can't even take care of herself this leaves serata to take care of this new girl who's wasted no time in latching onto him there are so many ways that sakura so could have ended up lost in the shuffle in the admittedly oversaturated genre but it did manage to stand out with its quirky characters amazing dynamics and a full dose of entertainment I look back fondly on this series and I think that you should definitely give it a shot too. 

3. Ore Monogatari

Ore Monogatari

Ore Monogatari main character Takio Gorda is not exactly what you think of when you think rom-com protagonist sure he's got a heart of gold in the sense of dashing chivalry however he's also a giant of a man whose intimidating frame gives him his fair share of rejections instead it's his handsome friend sonakava who gets all the attention from the girls that would change one day when he rescues rinko yamato from being molested even after the sweet girl starts hanging out with the duo dakio assumes that she's just really grateful and is actually interested in sonakava little did he knows that the girl's actually in love with him now that's surprising the premise that you don't see every day Ore Monogatari is filled with a lot of enjoyable lovey-dovey moments while never ceasing to make me laugh due to the awkwardness of it all the characters really have chemistry and while i think the story moves forward at a rather slow pace the laughs I had were enough to have me breeze through this show I was at the edge of my seat wanting to see whether takio's unexpected love story would really bloom at the end. 

2. Bunny girl senpai

Bunny girl senpai

Dengeki bunko has struck gold with a rom-com series again it seems you guys know the basic setup for these shows now don't you

the standard average guy in this case sakuta stumbles upon a chance encounter with a girl this time it takes the form of teen actress Mai Sakurajima who our protagonist sees in a bunny suit inside the library however, sakura quickly realizes that it's only he that can see mai and him quickly concludes that mai's affected by the urban legend that he knows as an adolescent syndrome with that sakura decides to get to the bottom of things while unraveling the mystery of the adolescent syndrome and he'd soon find out that even more girls find themselves afflicted with this mysterious phenomenon looks like here we have Dengeki bunko's answer to Monogatari because this show looks like it if you've watched the latter you can generally have an idea of what to expect for bunny girl's senpai it has its fair share of funny moments but I found myself really gripped by the level of drama and tear-jerking that it can really do. I really recommend this show for a watch. 

1. ReLife


Relife might just be up your alley as it's the number one show on this list. but it has its funny moments and it does give us a glimpse of the fun and joy of youth a lot of us could probably relate to Arata he's nearly the age of 30 juggling part-time jobs and simply lacking direction in his life all that changes once he gets offered the job opportunity of a lifetime project relife allows him to revert back into a high school student physically that is in a chance not only experience youth once again but to also fix some mistakes made in the past now I'm not sure it's just because of my age but reLife really poses a very interesting question and premise that I think a number of people can relate to it does have quite a slow pacing but it has a lot of touching moments and I think it's very much worth your time to watch it.