Top 15 BEST Adventure Anime of All Time

Top 15 BEST Adventure Anime of All Time

Best Adventure Anime of All Time

Who doesn't love adventure. When it comes to watching adventure anime every anime lover is crazy about it. So here is the list of the top 15 best adventure anime series every adventure lover should watch. This list contains a lot of popular as well as underrated anime series but trusts me these are the best adventure anime series you can watch anytime.
So let's go through with the list of best adventure anime series of all time.

15. Astra lost in space

Astra lost in space
Let's start with the space adventure rather than a regular adventure with knights and magic Astra loss in space happens in 2063 where space travel is made possible due to the scientific inventions nine students from card high school plan on making a planetary camp at planet McPa but soon after arriving they're attacked and teleported to the distant depths of space now to travel back to their home they should cross nearly 5000 light-years. This 12 episode anime follows their adventures as they try to return to their home the main theme of the show is how teamwork solves every problem but unlike many anime, it doesn't adapt it in a simplistic fashion because the story and the narrative structure will definitely hook you from the start.

14. Moribito guardian of the sacred spirit

Moribito guardian of the sacred spirit
In anime we always see male protagonists doing all the good stuff and saving the damsels in the stress so how about some change since most fantasy animes survive on their plot many female characters are based on stereotypes and come out as bland and unoriginal this is where Maury beetle makes an exception the skilled woman here is a mercenary called balsa she saves prince Chagum from an assassination attempt and the story follows their tale to get into safety apart from the great adventure the show also features an interesting cast and doesn't dive into the usual cliche character arcs if you need something different and more emotional then give this one a go it'll definitely suit your tastes.

13. Is it wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon
Is it wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon

Here we have a main character who wants to be an adventurer, not someone who gets dragged into it by force bell Cranel is a young boy whose ambition is to become one of the greatest adventurers of all time. At first, he doesn't seem to have a chance but then he meets the goddess Hestia now with the help of a goddess, Bell heads to the deepest and darkest dungeons of the city hoping to find adventure and by adventure I mean both monsters and girls before heading in know that this anime comes with a harem and comedy tag so that means it's gonna be an adventure full of laughs and girls better to watch this to take a break from all the serious anime.

12. Yona of the dawn

Yona of the dawn
Yona of the dawn is an anime that balances both the romance and its action with the gripping plot that will keep you hooked. It follows Princess Yona who after a betrayal by her own Kin is forced to escape the kingdom with her childhood friend and bodyguard stone hot sound hock is jonah's best friend and the more realistic one of the duo being raised as a princess among the luxuries Yona never realized the real struggles of the people and the anime shows how she develops over time apart from having a good romance it also has a great character journey as well its manga is widely popular among the Japanese so I'm sure its adaptation won't disappoint you.

11. From the new world

From the new world
Sometimes adventure anime can take a step forward when it comes to telling a story with a complex narrative best example is the anime from the new world the series happens in a dystopian world where children awaken psychic powers Saki Watanabe is such a girl who awakens psychic powers but she has a burning question what happens to children who are unable to awaken to their powers soon new mysteries evolve and Saki Watanabe and
her friends get tangled in them not many anime managed to pull the dystopian world and setting well but From the new world is an exception apart from the suspenseful story, the series is also populated with well-written characters who can grip your attention in a narrative that slowly reveals its mysteries.

10. Log horizon

log horizon
It's rare to see main characters get cunning so log horizon is going to be a fresh addition to this list log horizon is based on the light novel and manga of the same name and follows the adventures of the rather socially awkward Shiroe as he gets trapped in a game world with 30 000 other players the first two seasons show Shiroe forming the round table alliance and bringing peace to the city of Akiba and then follow their journey on trying to find a way back home the third season is coming next year so if you haven't watched the anime so far then now's a good time to catch up now if you aren't interested in the world you'll surely be surprised by Shiroe schemes.

9. Dororo

We're moving back again to another serious anime yes no fan service no comedy or jokes no girls and harems it's just one man's quest to find his missing body parts and if that sounded funny to you then you're clearly underestimating the potential of Dororo it starts off when Hyakkimaru the so-called man who wanders without purpose finds the boy named Tororo the two soon become friends and embark on an adventure to find the dark paths of Hyakkimaru mysteries are revealed family issues come into play and it all builds up to a great climax since this is based on an old Japanese manga it has the classical Japanese tone in it plus the clearly visible eastern influence narrative structure this one is going to be a refreshing revenge story to add to your adventure anime collection.

8. Castlevania

Castlevania is one of the first few anime to be released by Netflix and it definitely needs the top spot in our list for its unique story animation themes as well as amazing soundtracks this is based on the Japanese video game of the same name and tells the story of Trevor Belmont, Alucard and Sypha Belnades who defend the nation against the threat of count Dracula who sends demon armies to murder people and pillage cities this is a must-watch for all gothic horror fans as the show delivers some amazing action sequences and a classic retelling of a different tale of Dracula.

7. Akame ga kill

Akame ga kill
Akame ga kill is a combination of an action-adventure show and a darker political show many fans of this show like to call it the game of thrones of anime because it has a habit of killing the characters at unexpected moments it's about a boy named Tatsumi who joins a rebel group called knight raid in fighting against the cruel rule of the government. The night raid carries Teigu which are powerful weapons they use in their battles one thing that is great about Akame ga kill is its power systems and character abilities each character is given a unique ability that makes him easily stand out from others and even the character deaths are played in a way to commend the character's goals and not just for the surprise factor.

6. A place further than the universe

A place further than the universe
If you haven't watched this anime then you're missing a lot on adventure nope it's not that adventure with girls loots and dragons it's the adventure that will strike close to your heart and give you motivation it's more emotional than other stories it's about a girl named Mari who meets Shirazi a girl who has been saving money to travel to Antarctica where her mother had disappeared they're soon joined by two other girls named Hinata Miyake and Yusuke Shiraishi and the four of them plan to head to Antarctica it may look like a simple adventure anime from the outside but deep inside its story is all about making the most of your life not regretting over what you've missed and moving forward with what life throws at you.

5. Claymore

Need an adventure anime not only with its mystery but with strong female characters it happens in a dystopian world plagued by Yoma and to defend humanity against these Yoma there are female knights known as a claymore. Among these claymores, knight number 47 is Claire. While on a mission claire rescues a young boy rocky from Ayoma the anime then follows the adventures of the two of them as they try to find out the mystery behind these creatures as well as claire's own past the animation quality may seem a little old and due to this reason and the slow pacing it may be a little rough to start on but if you get the grip of it you'll be pushed into a great apocalyptic fantasy filled with both monsters and humans.

4. Spice and wolf

spice and wolf
We all love wolf girls right well here's an adventure love story between a wolf girl and a merchant so you're sure to love it this is about a powerful wolf deity named hollow she was a well-respected deity back in the day but now nobody cares about her and she needs to move back to the town of Yogitsu to do that she befriends a merchant named craft Lawrence and in return to becoming his business partner hollow asked him to take her to the town of Yoitsu kraft being a merchant sees this as an opportunity due to hollow's ability to understand a person's character it's rare to see adventure anime use romance is the main genre but spice and wolf is an exception along with the adventure, you'll also get some wholesome romance and the voice actors for the main characters are the people who voice the characters of Lelouch and colin so at least those two managed to reunite in this world.

3. Magi labyrinth of magic

Magi labyrinth of magic
Ever read the story of Alibaba as a kid magi labyrinth of magic is a retelling
of these classic tales or sometimes story arcs that have gained inspiration from it, the story begins when a boy named Aladdin travels the world with his a friend named Hugo and finds a boy named Alibaba a boy who wants to explore the dungeon among the two become fast friends and the narrative moves on from there onwards explaining their adventures one by one it has a combination of a deep magic system unlike other fantasy anime and the way the writers combine fantasy elements with classical story elements is something unique only to this show if you're a fan of one-piece adventure and some great world building magi labyrinth of magic is the perfect anime to add to your watch list.

2. Hunter hunter

hunter hunter
Hunter is an anime that excels in all areas and there is a reason why its fanbase still considers this as one of the best anime ever made it happens in a world where people known as hunters accept contracts to hunt dangerous beasts and other monsters Twelve-year-old Gon Freecss wants to become a hunter in order to search for his father but he soon learns the path isn't as easy as he thinks hunter hunter blends in mystery with its world-building really well and not only does it have greatly written characters but also a rational power system that never diverts from its established rule if you haven't watched this then now would be the time to check out this masterpiece because it has adventure great characters and a great story that will keep you hooked. 

1. One-piece

one piece
You should have seen this coming one piece is one of the longest-running anime series and the adventure never seems to end Luffy and his gang have come a long long way from where they started with each arc, they're exposed to the new adventure and the author still manages to keep everything refreshing and original without looking like the narrative is repeating the same old formula and it's not just the adventure it's the characters their backstories the challenges they face and their goals that's what makes one piece such a great anime you might have lost count with the episodes but you won't lose count with the characters and their amazing adventures if you haven't watched this then take a really really long holiday and start binge-watching from episode one.