Top 10 Action Anime Where MC is Overpowered

Top 10 Action Anime Where MC is Overpowered

Top 10 Action Anime Where MC is Overpowered

What could be more thrilling to watch when action anime has overpowered main character. This is the list of top ten action anime where mc is overpowered. For those who love action anime with being the main character more powerful than this list is for you. These are some best anime series where you will see amazing overpowered mc. If you are an anime lover then this list is the must-watch for you.

10. Housing ultimate

Housing ultimate
You've all heard the tales of Dracula right then here's an anime where Dracula is overpowered Hellsing is an organization that is dedicated to stopping evil entities such as vampires and the organization has a great tool in its possession called Alucard. Alucard is if you notice Dracula spelled backward and is currently the most powerful vampire of today and he is the character that gives the show a more adult and mature feeling, he is not only an overpowered character but also a remorseless killer the action of the show is well choreographed but if I were you I'd be keeping an eye on Alucard's clash with a crazy priest Anderson which are the best moments in the anime.

9. Blood lad

blood lad
Talking about vampires let me tell you about another action anime that involves overpowered vampires. Staz charlie blood is a powerful vampire who is the boss of the entire eastern district in the demon world and unlike any other vampire Staz is not interested in being a ruler he is rather interested in Japanese culture but things change when an ordinary Japanese girl named Fuyumi Yanagi steps inside a portal to the demon world by accident but of course, this one isn't filled with a happy premise Fuyumi is killed during a fight with a demon, and blood lad shows Staz's journey to bring Feyumi back to life and by doing so grants himself a ticket to the human world. blood lad is a mixture of comedy in action but all laughs are gone when Staz changes moods and decides to go berserk.

8. Mob psycho

mob psycho
I'm sure this anime doesn't need any new introductions but just for the sake of people who don't know here, we go mob psycho written by the same author of one punch man tells the story of a schoolboy named Shigeo Kageyama the nicknamed mob who works with a detective named Rygen Arataka
on handling mysterious cases even though his nickname is mob he is actually a powerful esper with a great amount of psychic power similar to some others in this list mob's main goal is to keep his powers in check as well. But as he encounters other espers like himself he finds it difficult to deal with them without reaching his full potential. The action scenes mixed in with a fluid and brilliant animation give both an imaginary and overpowered feel to the scenario. This show's got a little something in it for everyone.

7. Misfit of demon king academy

Misfit of demon king academy
How overpowered can you get if one punch man isn't enough overpowered for you then I'm sure Anos will be the unique factor of this action anime is that the main character is overpowered and not just regular overpowered he has the ability to snap his fingers and kill people bring back souls from the dead and even kill a whole army without breaking a sweat if you need some power fantasy with a great main character then this would be a great addition to your watch list. Anos will surprise you with his power over and over again and even the toughest opponents find trouble facing him when the man is at the peak of his power not only Anos has enough demon power to destroy the world he also is the strongest demon king in the world. 

6. Dorohedora

We've had overpowered vampires and demons so why not a lizard. Dorohedora tells a story of a man named Kane who is trying to find the sorcerer who erased his memory and turned his head into a lizard. In this world, humans and sorcerers are different species, and the former lives in a hole and the latter lives in the world above and constantly threatens humans if it isn't obvious by now the anime has a lot of gore and violence but also has a mystery running in its background parallel to the plot as Kane finds out who he is he also unveils mysteries that could change the human and sorcerer worlds forever and that's when you start to realize the potential of this anime.

5. Kaze no stigma

Kaze no stigma
Wind users are always badass but it's more awesome when they hide it and then reveal their power. Kazuma Yagami is a user of Fujitsu the ability to control the wind but after a duel with his cousin Ayano he is eventually kicked out of the house. Several years later his whole house is murdered by a user who has the power of Fujitsu. Now everyone suspects Kazuma as the killer and so does his cousin Ayano now it is up to him to show that he's not the killer while also working together with Ayano on finding the culprit. If you're interested in battles magic comedy kick-ass moments as well as Kazuma showing he's not a person to be messed with then give the show a watch.

4. Isekai Cheat magician

Isekai Cheat magician
These days every character who gets transported to a fantasy world seems to be overpowered. That's a lucky quirk I guess here we have two high schoolers by the name of Taichi Nishimura and Kanade Azuma getting transported to a magical world named Altea. After fending off a monster attack the two decide to enroll as adventurers. That's when they realize despite being just teleported they possess incredible magical powers the two soon begin their adventures as the most powerful cheat magicians but just because you cheated fate doesn't mean it's going to let you go easily. Taiichi is now searched by a mysterious woman who wants to use his power to her advantage. If you want an Isekai anime with an overpowered protagonist duo plus some great action Isakai cheat magician will be the perfect anime for you.

3. Shakugan no Shana

Shakugan no Shana
Before moving on I need to touch on the dystopian genre next Shakugan no Shana happens in a world where humans are attacked by crimson denizens
mysterious beings from a parallel universe who feed on the life force of humans once they are fed the humans turn into torches residues of human life. Yuji Sakai is a boy who is attacked by a denizen and turns to a torch but before he could get completely obliterated a mysterious hunter saves him. Now it is up to the duo to find a way to restore Yuji Sakai Shakugan no Shana has some great action combined with its rather supernatural premise
and is a must-watch show for the fans of the overpowered protagonist.

2. Tales of Zestiria

Tales of Zestiria
Based on the two video games Tales of Zestiria and Tales of Berseria this anime is another hero saves the world anime that passed under everyone's radar, not unless you played the original games of course the premise of this one is rather simple you've got a princess who falls into the hands of a boy who can speak to creatures known as seraphim now they should rise against the dark forces of malevolence and save the world from monsters and mayhem while this may seem like the fantasy story everyone and their mother writes about the series has several specialties it has a supernatural storyline that commands the anime. You get some cool action scenes complimented by CGI mixed visuals.

1. Akame ga-kill

Akame ga kill
Akame ga-kill is a part-action mystery that talks about a rebellion and another part of it is a dark show that discusses the dangerous side of power and politics many fans of this show like to call it the game of thrones of anime because it has a habit of killing the characters at unexpected moments. It's about a boy named Tatsumi who joins a rebel group called the night raid in fighting against the cruel rule of the government the night raid carries tegu which are powerful weapons they use in their battles the first moments of the show can seem like a genuine lighthearted comedy with an interesting plot but the darker part of it comes in the later episodes when characters are slain in brutal ways and sometimes the show also tackles mature themes Akame ga-kill is overall the darker.