Top ten Best Upcoming Spring Anime 2021

Top ten Best Upcoming Spring Anime 2021

Best Upcoming Spring Anime of 2021

The Spring is almost here and we will get to see more amazing anime series this spring. This spring we will see some new anime as well as some returning anime. so without further wait let's take a look at top 10 the best anime releasing this spring 2021.

10. Shaman king

Shaman King

Why don't we start things with a remake? The original shaman king did an excellent job faithfully adapting the source material but it lacked pacing and at other times it lacked proper animation judging by these new anime trailers I can surely tell we're up to something unique. The animation is more refined, the action sequences are more appealing and they still stay true to most of the original character designs being a relatively old shonen anime it will feel a little odd to watch this along with the new ones but that is why this would be a new entry to the spring 2021 chart if you haven't watched the old anime heed my words this will be one of the best shonen anime of this year.

9. To Your Eternity

To Your Eternity

Some shows drive you crazy with hype and then some shows make you binge-watch them because of the empathy, we develop for the characters. To your eternity follows a mysterious immortal creature named Fushi he's sent to earth with no memory no identity and no goals for his life. He shapeshifts into objects as well as animals and his last shape-shifting makes him a dying wolf here he meets a boy who's alone and it doesn't take long for the two to strike a bond it doesn't have action or plot twist that would blow your head away but it will hit closer to your heart as it deals with the issue of what loneliness means and how to cope with it.

8. Tokyo Revengers

Tokyo Revengers

Here we go again anime never seems to stop adapting good time travel stories and this spring season Tokyo revengers take a time-traveling spot in our list. When Takemichi Hanagaki finds out that the Tokyo Maji gang murdered his ex-girlfriend, he travels back in time to correct things now he needs to prevent his girlfriend's death and find a way to stop the gang before they bring more tragedy to his life. This anime packs emotion and action with its well-executed plot twist. So needless to say it's got a little something in it for everyone if you love time travel add this to your watch list.

7.Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-Kun

Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-Kun

Let's move out of the regular Japanese high schools to a demon school Welcome to demon school Iruma-Kun is about a boy named Iruma Suzuki who sold the demons by his parents a demon named Sullivan rescues him and adopts him as his grandson. Iruma soon visits a school for demons but Sullivan warns him never to reveal his identity as a human among other demons the first season followed Iruma trying to blend in with the demon crowd while trying to hide his identity and the second season will follow the rest of his school year while adapting the next arc of the manga. The shows are a mixture of comedy and fantasy so among all those demons you can also have a few laughs about the hilarious situations Iruma gets trapped in.

6. Fruits basket Final season

Fruits basket Final season

Another anime drama that will resonate with many audiences. fruits basket tells the story of Toru honda a high school girl who gets to know about the soma family who can transform into beasts related to the Chinese zodiac soon she develops a tight bond with the soma family and becomes great friends with Yuki and Kyo another two boys her age fruit's basket may not seem as melancholic as much other anime of the same genre but it has its way of delivering some great drama mixed in with its themes and characters. The final season of this slice of life masterpiece is coming this spring so if you're caught up on the first two seasons don't miss out on this one.

5. Nomad: Megalo Box 2

Nomad: Megalo Box 2

need a Hajime no Ippo with mechanical parts then wait no more a new type of boxing comes into town where robotic limbs notice gear enhance the user's power and agility in the first season we met junk dog who went to his battle royale as he ascended the power scales fighting one opponent after the other and learning some valuable lessons. The sequel season to Megalo box will continue his character journey and give us more insight into other minor characters in the series if you're a fan of those hyped-up sports anime with a fast-paced plot and mind-blowing action then don't forget to add this to your watch list.

4. How not to Summon A Demon Lord Season 2

How not to Summon A Demon Lord Season 2

Don't worry we're not running out of Isekai anime this season this time it's about the socially awkward Takuma Sakamoto summoned as a demon lord to another world the two women who summoned him try to bind him as their slave but instead the two of them end up becoming his slave even though things are to Takuma's advantage his social awkwardness kicks in and it's funny to see how he tries to adapt to each situation. The first season follows the schemes of the villainous Edelgard and the second season will follow the new ark set up by the light novel. The trailer for the anime was released recently and any fan who has read the light novel can see how the anime is going to do justice to the source material.

3. Zombieland Saga Revenge

Zombieland Saga Revenge

This anime is famous for showing cute girls doing cute things but can it show how zombie girls do cute things. Zombieland Saga not only proved this but it also showed how these girls get to work under a crazy manager just because it's a zombie show don't expect an anime version of the walking dead and instead go expecting a show with plenty of comedy cute and awkward moments and finally to top it off Zombieland saga combines a lot of genres and then succeeds by putting characters in exciting situations I'm waiting for this zombie girl and their crazy manager in season 2.

2. Nagataro-san


Cute girls bullying their senpais never seems to get old. This year we have Nagataro-san to continue the bullying culture this follows the titular main character bullying her senpai all day long after discovering lewd drawings and if that doesn't sound refreshing to you it isn't but the characters are what will grip your attention each of the situations the characters are in somehow generates tension and comedy simultaneously which makes the show more engaging and exciting think of Kaguya Sama but with more pervy jokes and bullying, yup that's the perfect summary of Nagataro-san. If you need to dive into some odd high school moments then don't miss this one.

1. My Hero Academia season 5.

My Hero Academia season 5.

Your favorite class of superheroes is back and so are the villains. The last season had some good tension and even focused on side characters like endeavor and I'm sure this new season won't be disappointing to us, my hero, academia still seems to follow the good old good guy vs bad guy formula but somehow manages to keep things engaging by using the established shown in anime tropes the fifth season will follow the events of the manga introduce some new villains shine the spotlight on some new faces and give us a surprising tournament art if you're a shonen fan I know you're hyped for this one if the attack on titan rules the winner anime charts my hero academia will rule the spring anime charts be ready this spring to go plus ultra.