Watch these anime series get rid off of your boredom.


Watch these anime series get rid off of your boredom

We anime lovers always watch something, and sometimes we couldn't find any anime to Watch that will definitely blow our mind. We always look for something extra twisting, mesmerizing anime series. Today, I'm here to give you some great list of anime series that will remove your boredom. Trust me, these anime series are much fun to watch, and also, if you are not an anime lover, you will start loving anime. 

Now let's talk about what kinds of anime I'm going to interpret throughout this article. First thing first, if you are new to this website, please check out our social media pages. So basically, these are the anime that has a lot of actions, comedy, and also some romantic scenes. I personally put them on the list because who doesn't love those combinations. 


First on the list is a codebreaker. Well, let me give you a nice and clean idea of the codebreaker. Most of you may not be heard about it. But I can pretty much assure you it is one of good anime full of action with a cool superpower user known as a codebreaker. Codebreakers' job is to assassinate the evil people who committed crimes and all. 

However, the world is not aware of these code breakers. They hide in the shadows and work for the government. The story is fantastic. The MC of this series is super cool. There is also a love story involved. So yeah, it's one of the good ones. 

Chivalry of a failed knight

It has actions, but it's full of a love story with a beautiful anime girl character in it. When I watched it, I really enjoyed it. The main character is strong, but he is a failure of his family for a reason. Everyone knows him as a week; however, he proved them wrong. 

School's favorite girl, Stella vermillion, challenged him to a duel. Whoever loses became slaves of the winner. However, Stella lost the fight and became the slave of Ikki. 

This series has a lot of romantic moments that will amaze you. I personally loved it. 

One punch man

I am pretty sure every anime lovers out there knows about it and already watched every season of it. In case if you are new to the anime world, let me give you a brief intro about one punch man. Basically, the main character Saitama a C rank hero who is super strong, but no one really knows him. He is a hero for fun; he just wants to get rid off of his boredom. 

Saitama basically kills his opponent with just one punch. He is super strong, and there's non like him. This anime is fascinating and much fun to watch. And also, other strong characters are pretty cool. Once you start watching it, you won't get enough of it. 

The Rising Of The Shield Hero

This is the anime that has many adventures. The reason I kept it on the list because adventure always fascinates us, along with action, comedy, romantic stuff. The rising of the shield hero is anime where the hero is summoned from another world to save the particular world that is endangered of catastrophic waves.

The summoned hero gifted with four legendary weapons. However, the one hero with the shield considers being weak. Everyone hates him just because he wields the shield.

This is the journey of the shield hero how he helped people even though they hated him. He became everyone's favorite. 



Plunderer is totally a different type of anime series. A world where people live by numbers called count. Every living person has a number on their body base on their personality and their motives. When they do things which is against their motives and personality they lost their count. When the count is zero the abyss take them to the underground. This series is full of mystery. I know the things I said it doesn't make sense but when you will watch it you'll love it. 

Plunderer is full of action, adventure, fantasy, and comedy. I really enjoyed it. The MC of the series is really strong and it has a lot of cool action scenes. 

Assassination Classroom

Well, as far as the name goes it looks scary. Assassination Classroom is one of my favorite anime series so far. I really loved it. 
It is a story between a teacher and a student. The teacher Kuro sensei who is basically an octopus. He has inhuman strengths and speed. He teaches his student to assassinate him. If the student fails to assassinate him the world will be blown away. 
Kuro-sensei is a living weapon. The world is afraid of him. However, he is true to his word and always takes care of his students very well. 
This anime is full of comedy, adventure, and action. I personally would recommend you to watch it. 

Final words:

I hope you guys enjoyed this article if you do please let me know in the comment section below. And also make sure to check out all social platforms of Animemux. Thanks, everyone.