Five fantastic underrated action anime series.


Five fantastic underrated action anime series.

Today I'm going to talk about some amazing underrated anime series that you should have watched long ago. These anime series have a lot of actions. If you are an action lover like me you should give them a try. I have watched a lot of action anime which was very popular, unlike these underrated anime. So I decided to make a small list of an underrated action anime series. This list of anime is completely based on my own thoughts if you already watch them and if you think this is not good then it's completely okay. 

But for those who really love action anime series and couldn't find any better suggestion, this is for you. I am pretty much sure you're gonna enjoy it. And one thing I wanna say please check out Animemux social pages, don't forget to comment down and let us know what you think. 

1. Blue Exorcist

A father of the church raised two orphan boys who happen to be the son of the devil. However, they didn't know about their real father until a fateful day when their foster father got killed by the devil. Blue Exorcist is an amazing anime with a lot of action. It has a nice story and great animation. 

The two boys of the devil son fight against the devil they have more humanity because of their foster father who loved them so much.

Not only that their mother was also human that's why they have a human-like body and demons power. However, demons power is hard to control that's why Rin the elder son joined an academy to become a full-fledge exorcist. When he joined the academy he found out his young brother Yukio is already in the academy. Nonetheless, Yukio couldn't manifest the satanic power like his elder brother Rin. 

2. Black butler

Another great anime series with actions and investigations I really love this anime series. You will get to see the bond of master and butler. Black butler is a fantastic anime series you are absolutely gonna love this series. It is a story about the Phantomhive Lord. A young boy name Ciel who is the current lord of the Phantomhive serves under the direct order of the Queen herself. 

Ciel's family died by a mysterious incident, to avenge his family this came to contract with a demon by offering his soul. The butler does all the things of his master. They have a great bond. 

Black Butler is a good anime where you will get to see the loyal butler and how he get rid off of his master's problems and get the job done in a nice way. 

3. Magi: The Adventure of Sinbad

This is a must-watch anime with a lot of adventures and really cool action. This series has total there season make sure to watch all of them because they have different stories and different actions. To be honest I really love the character, Sinbad. You will see how he became so strong during his adventure he did so many great things and accomplished so many. 

Sinbad started is journey by questing dunjinns where he captured djinn along with a lot of expensive items. During his adventure, he conquered many dunjinns and captured a lot of o djinns that how he became strong. He is also a really intelligent person. He made so many allies and became a stronger figure. 

4. Seraph of the end

This an action-packed dark fantasy anime series. When humanity was its end at Vampires took over the world. As always dark fantasy anime has quite complicated stories. So I'll interpret a little bit about it. 

When human-made a deadly virus it completely wipes out most of the world population except the children and of course a group of people who lead the current generation to fight with vampires. Vampires emerged when they saw humanity is going extinct and took over and enslave humans and made them their livestock.

This anime has pretty amazing actions the MC is considered to be the Seraph of the end. It is basically a human weapon only for killing. When he gets out of control he becomes Seraph of the end. However, he trains to control it and he goes to the mission with his fellow crewmembers to hunts vamps. 

5. Blood blockade battlefront

Another action pack anime series with great animation. Blood blockade battlefront is a fantasy anime with a lot of actions and investigations involved in it. The action scene of this anime is mesmerizing to watch. It has a great finish on it. The MC of the anime does not have a lot of powers but he has a special power call the all-seeing eyes of a god, with it he can see anything.

It is pretty much similar to a bungo stray dog where the MC character works with an organization that protects the city from criminals and also prevents criminal activity.

This really a good anime if you are an action lover then it's a must-watch anime for you.