Five coolest old men in anime series.

Five coolest old men in anime series.

 5 Coolest Old Men Characters

Today we have a list of pretty amazing and coolest anime old men characters. I personally picked up these characters because I think they are really cool and some of them are my personal favorites. Let me know in the comments which of these characters are your favorite. 

These characters belong to some famous anime series that you may already have watched them. To be honest these old men characters are so inspiring that sometimes I wished that they were real. They have a great personality and an amazing sense of justice. 

Makarov Dreyar

He is a guild master and one of the ten wizard saints. Makarov is a tiny old man despite his looks he is pretty cool because he has an amazing personality and a daring old man. 
He cares for his children and guild members. He has an amazing sense of justice. Makarov always does the thing that is best for his guild and his homeland. He sacrifices many things in his life just for others can live happily. 

Makarov is an amazing character he may be an old man but he is pretty strong he has high-level magic such as giant magic and also he can use powerful magic that can obliterate his enemy to nothingness. When push comes to shove he doesn't hesitate to give his life for the sake of his comrades and that makes him one of the coolest old men. 

Hiruzen Sarutobi

Hiruzen was a Hokage of the village hidden in the leaf. He was known as the professor for a reason. We have seen what this old man can do when Orochimaru attacked the village Hiruzen fights with Orochimaru and reanimated previous Hokage. Despite being an old man he was handling such strong opponents single-handedly. Hiruzen Sarutobi was a wise man he always did what is best for his village unlike Dunjo Hiruzen always thought the best possible way to solve the problems of the village he may have failed but he tried his best and set an example for the next generation to follow. 

Hiruzen Sarutobi is the coolest anime character that you will ever see. He is not just a wise man he also can fight like a badass. He has mastery over five elements which are pretty dope. Hiruzen was feared by other nations. They always avoid engaging him in a battle. 


I already have talked about this amazing old man in my other article. It's no wonder that he is one of the coolest old men. He is super strong and also feared by all other captains. 

Yamamoto is a commander of the soul society. He leads all the captains of the soul society. He is strong and he has a great sense of justice and a wise old man. Yamamoto may have done a bad thing for the sake of the soul society however he regrets them later and he also suffered the consequence. He is not someone that anyone can mess with this old dude is really fearsome. His sword has the power to set everything on fire that will never extinguish. 

Netero Issac

He is one of my favorite old man in anime series. Netero was wise and intelligent he was of the strongest nen user in the hunter x hunter world. He has mastery over three type of nen. Netero had a great personality and he was a funny old man. When it comes to fighting Netero always looks forward to fighting with stronger opponents. Never in his life, he lost a battle until he fights with his final opponent the ant king. 

We have seen the greatest fight of anime history in hunter x hunter. When Netero and king were fighting I was getting goosebumps all over my body the fight was pretty intense I loved every moment of it. Netero was so persistent and angry as well even though he was aware of the fact that his opponent is stronger than him, he didn't hesitate to fight. The last moment of the fight was really epic. Without the Netero this list of coolest old men is incomplete. 

Edward Newgate Aka Whitebeard 

Finally my favorite old man character Whitebeard. His real name is Edward Newgate he is known throughout the one-piece world as Whitebeard. He is an infamous pirate who ruled the grand line and new world. Even marine was afraid of him they never really wanted to encounter him. The reason he is on the list because Whitebeard is an honorable man and he always cares for his children and crewmembers. We have seen his fights with marine even though he wasn't at his prime he was sick he fought like a true warrior. He single-handedly stops the ship of his own crewmembers not to engage in the battle because he knew that they are losing the battle. 

Whitebeard gives his life just to protect his family. He was a great pirate and a strong old man. Even death had a hard time to take his life away. After Whitebeard's death, he was still standing like a true king. He had a heart of gold.