Five coolest ice user in anime series

Five coolest ice user in anime series

 5 Coolest Ice User in Anime

We have done fire user, lightning user as well as wind user so here comes the coolest ice user in anime. I know how insane it can get when ice users in action I mean they always do cool stuff their attacks are amazing even their attack names are cool. So today I'm going to make the list of five coolest ice users. I know there are a lot of ice users out there and it is not possible for me to get everyone on this list so I have picked my own. And I think a lot of you guys will also agree with me on this list. 

These are the characters from different anime who use ice. They are all from some of the popular anime so most of you will be familiar with them. Before I get started please make sure to visit our social media pages. You can find the link at the corner of the site. 

Gray Fullbuster From Fairytail

We have Gray Fullbuster one of the ice users in anime he is good looking and a charming young man a main supportive character in Fairytail. 
Gray is one of the coolest ice users in anime he can create ice with his ice creation magic. He beats the strongest opponent using his ice magic. Gray also can use demon slayer magic which is pretty strong magic and he is the only demon slayer throughout the series. His ice demon slayer magic is so powerful that he can freeze air itself. 

We have seen Gray's fight scene in anime. The reason I kept him on this list because he is not just strong he also doesn't hesitate to give his life for sake of his friends and guild.

Esdeath From Akame ga kill

She is someone that no one wants to mess with she is scary if anyone wants to approach Esdeath with bad intention in mind she is gonna freeze them to death. Esdeath maybe a villain but she is clearly the coolest villain you will ever see. In Akame ga kill she is the most powerful character as well as the strongest ice user. She can freeze the time which is pretty cool. I have seen the first time an ice user can freeze time like that. 

Anyone will wish to see such a cool character more in action however it will not be happening anytime soon. We have seen Esdeath in action and how she fights. She crushes such a strong opponent with ease. Her imperial arm is so strong it can make massive amounts of ice and also can make a giant boulder of ice. 

Shouto Todoroki From My hero Academy 

Todoroki is one of my favorite ice users in anime. It is clear that he is gonna be one of the greatest heroes in the My hero Academy series. Because he has been through a lot ever since he was a child. However, he didn't get lost in his life we have seen many characters lost their way because of the hardship they through in their life and became a villain in the series. Todoroki is quite the opposite he is quite strong both mentally and physically. He is also intelligent and one of the strongest member of the class 1A.

Todoroki has a quirk that can make ice and fire his one side is ice and another side is fire since he is a hybrid. He was strong from the beginning and now he became even more strong. He has a strong sense of justice and he believes in his friends. 

Kuzan Aka Aokiji From One piece 

Aokiji is Might be the strongest ice user of all time because he is insanely strong. Since he is a loggia devil fruit user he can transform his body into ice. Aokiji is one of the coolest ice users despite being a devil fruit user he can turn the sea into ice. During the fight with Whitebeard, we have seen what Aokiji can do with his power. Despite being an admiral, Aokiji has a great sense of justice he saw the world in a different way than the other admiral he is one of the good guys in the series. 

During his fight with Akainu, they turn the whole Island into lava and ice. Akainu is kind and always gives the criminal a second chance. When he first encountered Luffy he would easily take them in but he didn't. He gave them a chance which was very kind of him. He also saved Smoker from Doflamingo. 

Tōshirō Hitsugaya From Bleach 

Hitsugaya is a prodigy he became a captain at an early age. He can use Banki which is the strongest form of the Zampaktu. He is one of the coolest ice users in anime and my favorite character in the series. Hitsugaya's ice is powerful enough to encounter Yamamoto's flame. There is a possibility that he will be much stronger if he gets another 100 years of training. In soul society, 100 years is nothing since they are immortal. 

Hitsugaya may have act tough on the outside but he is the most caring character in the bleach series. He cares for his comrade and willing to give his life away. He is always serious when it's come to his job.